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Deep-water macroalgae from the Canary Islands: new records and biogeographical relationshipsHaroun, R. J. ; Prud'homme van Reine, W. F.; Müller, D. G.; Serrao, E.; Herrera199310.1007/BF02430354Helgolander Meeresuntersuchungen [ISSN 0174-3597], v. 47 (2), p. 125-143Artículo
A reinvestigation of Macaronesian seaweeds as studied by A. Piccone with remarks on those studied by A. GrunowPrud'homme van Reine, W. F.; Haroun, R. J. ; Audiffred, P. A. J1994Nova Hedwigia [ISSN 0029-5035], v. 58 (1-2), p. 67-121ArtículoReinvestigation_Macaronesian_seaweeds.pdf.jpg
Checklist on seaweeds in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Cape Verde archipelagoPrud'homme Van Reine, W. F.; Haroun, R. J. ; Kostermans, L.B.T.2002IV Simpósio Fauna e Flora das Ilhas Atlanticas, Praia, Ilha de Santiago, República de Cabo Verde, Septiembre 2002, 11 p.Actas de congresos0497225_00000_0000.pdf.jpg