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2018Molecular carcinogenesis in equine penile cancer: A potential animal model for human penile cancerSuárez-Bonnet, Alejandro ; Willis, Claire; Pittaway, Rachel; Smith, Ken; Mair, Tim, et alArtículo
201814-3-3σ Protein Expression in Canine Renal Cell CarcinomasSuárez-Bonnet, Alejandro ; Lara-García, Ana; Stoll, Alexander L.; Carvalho, Sofia; Priestnall, Simon L.Artículo
2018Diagnosis of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in a dog using CD30 immunohistochemistryPittaway, Rachel; Wu, Ying; Szladovits, Balazs; Suárez-Bonnet, Alejandro ; Scurrell, Emma J., et alArtículo
2019Nonocular melanocytic neoplasia in cats: characterization and proposal of a histologic classification scheme to more accurately predict clinical outcomePittaway, Rachel; Dobromylskyj, Melanie J.; Erles, Kerstin; Pittaway, Charles E.; Suárez Bonnet, Alejandro , et alArtículo
2019Lymphatic endothelial cell immunohistochemical markers for evaluation of the intestinal lymphatic vasculature in dogs with chronic inflammatory enteropathyWennogle, Sara A.; Priestnall, Simon L.; Suárez Bonnet, Alejandro ; Soontararak, Sirikul; Webb, Craig B.Artículolymphatic_endothelial_cell.pdf.jpg