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1992Zooplankton oxygen consumption and nutrient release in relation to species composition, animals size and enviromental conditions in the Baltic Sea during May and AugustPostel, L.; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Mikkat, U., et alActas de congresos0348205_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
1997Vertical distribution of zooplankton in the Canary Island waters: implications for the export fluxHernández-León, Santiago ; Geentsmez, M.; Pagazaurtundua, María; Portillo Hahnefeld, Agustín; Montero González, IreneActas de congresos132.pdf.jpg
2001Diel feeding behaviour of krill in the Gerlache Strait, AntarcticaHernández-León, Santiago ; Becognée, Pierrick; Almeida, Carlos ; Portillo Hahnefeld, Agustín; Moreno, IsabelArtículo1337.pdf.jpg
2009Seasonal variability in plankton community structure, productivity and food web transfer along the salinity gradient of the Baltic SeaPostel, L.; Aristegui, J. ; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Almeida Peña, Carlos , et alActas de congresos0679060_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2018Effect of controlled light and CO2 conditions on the culture of the marine microalgae Chrysoreinhardia sp.Sánchez Martín, DuniaTrabajo final de grado0749116_00000_0000.pdf.jpg