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2008Gender dimorphism in skeletal muscle leptin receptors, serum leptin and insulin sensitivityGuerra, Borja ; Fuentes, Teresa ; Delgado-Guerra, Safira; Guadalupe-Grau, Amelia; Olmedillas, Hugo, et alArtículogender_dimorphism_skeletal.pdf.jpg
2010SIRT1, AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylation and downstream kinases in response to a single bout of sprint exercise: Influence of glucose ingestionGuerra, Borja ; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Fuentes, Teresa ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Morales Alamo, David , et alArtículo
2010Bone mass and the CAG and GGN androgen receptor polymorphisms in young menRodriguez-Gonzalez, Francisco Germán; Dorado, Cecilia ; Olmedillas, Hugo; Fuentes, Teresa ; Pérez-Gómez, Jorge, et alArtículoBone_mass_and_CAG_GGN_ androgen.pdf.jpg
2011Repeated muscle biopsies through a single skin incision do not elicit muscle signaling, but IL-6 mRNA and STAT3 phosphorylation increase in injured muscleGuerra, Borja ; Carmen Gómez-Cabrera, M.; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Martinez-Bello, Vladimir E.; Guadalupe-Grau, Amelia, et alArtículo
2012Increased oxidative stress and anaerobic energy release, but blunted Thr<sup>172</sup>-AMPKα phosphorylation, in response to sprint exercise in severe acute hypoxia in humansMorales-Alamo, David ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Rodríguez-García, Lorena; Santana, Alfredo , et alArtículo
2013Critical role for free radicals on sprint exercise-induced CaMKII and AMPKα phosphorylation in human skeletal muscleMorales-Alamo, David ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Rodríguez-García, Lorena; Santana, Alfredo , et alArtículo
2015Physical fitness, adiposity and testosterone concentrations are associated to playing position in professional basketballersPonce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Olmedillas, Hugo; Calleja-González, Julio; Guerra, Borja ; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquín Artículo
2016Androgen receptor gene polymorphism influence fat accumulation: a longitudinal study from adolescence to adult agePonce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Rodríguez-Garcia, Lorena; Losa-Reyna, J.; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia; Rodríguez-González, F. G., et alArtículo
2016Greater basal skeletal muscle AMPKα phosphorylation in men than in women: Associations with anaerobic performanceTorres-Peralta, Rafael ; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Rodríguez-García, Lorena ; Morales Alamo, David ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo, et alArtículo
2017Skeletal muscle signaling, metabolism, and performance during sprint exercise in severe acute hypoxia after the ingestion of antioxidantsMorales-Alamo, David ; Guerra, Borja ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Santana Rodríguez, Alfredo , et alArtículo
2017Polimorfismo del gen del receptor de andrógenos y oxidación máxima de grasa en hombres sanos. Estudio longitudinalPonce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe-Grau, Amelia; Rodríguez González, Francisco; Sánchez de Torres Peralta, R. ; Morales-Alamo, David , et alArtículo
2017Severe energy deficit upregulates leptin receptors, leptin signaling, and PTP1B in human skeletal musclePérez-Suárez, Ismael; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; De la Calle-Herrero, Jaime; Losa-Reyna, José; Martin-Rincon, Marcos , et alArtículo
2017Androgen receptor CAG and GGN repeat polymorphisms influence performance in boys and girlsRodriguez Garcia, Lorena; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Gonzalez-Henriquez, Juan J. ; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Francisco Germán; Díaz-Chico, Bonifacio , et alArtículo
2017Androgen receptor gene polymorphisms and maximal fat oxidation in healthy men. A longitudinal studyPonce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Rodríguez-González, Francisco Germán; Sanchez De Torres Peralta, Rafael ; Morales Alamo, David , et alArtículo
2020Impact of Active Recovery and Whole-Body Electromyostimulation on Blood-Flow and Blood Lactate Removal in Healthy PeopleSañudo, Borja; Bartolomé, Diego; Tejero, Sergio; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Loza, Juan Pedro, et alArtículo