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Microporous polyurethane (Mitrathane) in cardiovascular surgeryMestres, C. A.; Pomar, J. L.; Ninot, S.; Comas, J. V.; López-Boado, M. A., et al1985Life support systems : the journal of the European Society for Artificial Organs[ISSN 0261-989X],v. 3 Suppl 1, p. 486-489Artículo
The surgical treatment of infective endocarditis in drug addictsMestres, C. A.; Sala, J.; Bassaganyas, J.; Azqueta, M.; Abad, C. , et al1987European Heart Journal[ISSN 0195-668X],v. 8, p. 375-377Artículo
Accidental opening of a Greenfield filter at the right atriumAbad, C. ; Pomar, J. L.; Morales, M. A.1990Angiología[ISSN 0003-3170],v. 42, p. 182-184Artículo
Dysfunction of a duromedics valve in the tricuspid positionAbad, C. ; Barriuso, C.; Pomar, J. L.; Mulet, J.1990Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery[ISSN 0021-9509],v. 31, p. 47-49Artículo
Delayed sternal closure for life-threatening complications in cardiac operations: An updateMestres, C. A.; Pomar, J. L.; Acosta, M.; Ninot, S.; Barriuso, C., et al199110.1016/0003-4975(91)90124-9The Annals of Thoracic Surgery[ISSN 0003-4975],v. 51, p. 773-776Artículo