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1985Fungal Peritonitis In Capd - Which Is The Best TreatmentRodriguezperez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L; Arrieta, J
1985Sclerosingencapsulating Peritonitis (Sep) In CapdRodriguezperez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L; Arrieta, J
1985Vascular Access For Hemodialysis - Treatment Of Stenotic Lesions By Percutaneous Trans-Luminal Angioplasty (Pta)Rodriguezperez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Maynar, M; Palop, L; Arrieta, J
1988Percutaneous Trans-Luminal Dilatation In The Treatment Of Arterial-Hypertension Secondary To Renal-Transplant Artery-StenosisFernandez, A; Maynar, M; Perez, Jcr ; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Palop, L; Hortal, L; Reyes, R
1988Fungal Peritonitis In CapdPerez, Jcr ; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Fernandez, A; Santamaria, P; Palop, L
1989Beta-2 Microglobulin In Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal-DialysisVega, N; Fernandez, A; Hortal, L; Guindeo, Mc; Rodriguez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L
1989Acute-Phase Reactants In Dialyzed PatientsFernandez, A; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Alarcon, I; Rodriguez, Jc ; Hortal, L; Palop, L
1990Factors In The Anemia Of Chronic-Renal-Failure - Relationship With Bone-Marrow FindingsFernandez, A; Balda, I; Hortal, L; Vega, N; Perdomo, M; Rodriguez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L
1990Study With Echo Doppler Of Hemodynamic-Changes Induced By The Treatment With RhuepoFernandez, A; Goicolea, J; Hortal, L; Vega, N; Rodriguez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L
1990Anemia In Dialysis, Cysts And Erythropoietin LevelsFernandez, A; Hortal, L; Rodriguez, Jc ; Hernandez, Cr; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Palop, L
1990Evaluation Of Internal Arteriovenous-Fistula With An Angiodynographer (Cdf) - A New Noninvasive Method To Study The Vascular Access In HemodialysisHortal, L; Fernandez, A; Casal, M; Vega, N; Rodriguez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Maynar, M; Palop, L
1990Initial Hematologic Evaluation Of The Treatment With Recombinant-Human-Erythropoietin (Rhuepo)Fernandez, A; Hortal, L; Balda, I; Vega, N; Rodriguez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L
1990Peritoneal Behavior In Patients Treated With ErythropoietinFernandez, A; Vega, N; Hortal, L; Plaza, C; Rodriguez, Jc ; Perdomo, M; Palop, L
1991Recurrent Hemodialysis-Associated Arteriovenous-Fistula Thrombosis And Antiphospholipid AntibodiesPerez, Jcr ; Granados, R; Antolin, J; Plaza, C
1991Anemia In Dialysis - Its Relation To Acquired Cystic Kidney-Disease And Serum Levels Of ErythropoietinFernandez, A; Hortal, L; Rodriguez, Jc ; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Palop, L
1992Effect Of Recombinant-Human-Erythropoietin Treatment On Hemodynamic Parameters In Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal-Dialysis And Hemodialysis-PatientsFernandez, A; Vega, N; Jimenez, F; Macia, M; Laraudiogoitia, E; Hortal, L; Perdomo, M; Plaza, C; Rodriguez, Jc ; Palop, L
1992Peritoneal Assessment After Medium Team Epo TreatmentVega, N; Fernandez, A ; Hortal, L; Macia, M; Rodriguez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Perdomo, M; Vega, R; Palop, L
1992Controlled-Study Of Renal Osteodystrophy In Capd Patients - Clinical, Biochemical And Bone Hystomorphometry AnalysisPerez, Jcr ; Plaza, C; Torres, A; Vega, N; Lorenzo, V; Gomez, Mem; Palop, L; Rodriguez, Af; Hortal, L; Perdomo, M; Macia, M
1995Effects Of Carvedilol, A New Agent With Multiple Action On The Preservation Of Renal Structure And Function In The Rat Remnant KidneyRodriguezperez, Jc ; Losada, A; Anabitarte, A; Cabreragalvan, J; Garcia, P; Palop, L; Plaza, C
1998Losartan versus ramipril in the treatment of postrenal transplant erythrocytosisHortal, L; Fernandez, A; Vega, N; Rodriguez, JC ; Losada, A; Lorenzo, M; Plaza, C; Palop, L