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2011Total polyphenol excretion and blood pressure in subjects at high cardiovascular riskMedina-Remón, A.; Zamora-Ros, R.; Rotchés-Ribalta, M.; Andres-Lacueva, C.; Martínez-González, M. A., et alArtículo
2013Glycemic index and glycemic load and risk of mortality: the predimed studyCastro-Quezada, I. ; Sanchez-Villegas, A. ; Ruiz-Lopez, M. A.; Artacho, R.; Álvarez Pérez, Jacqueline , et alActas de congresosGLYCEMIC INDEX AND GLYCEMIC LOAD AND RISK.pdf.jpg
2013Frequency Of Nut Consumption And Risk Of Mortality In The Predimed StudyGuasch-Ferre, M. A.; Bullo, M.; Martinez-Gonzalez, M.; Corella, D.; Ros, E., et alActas de congresos
2013Association Between Classic Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Mortality in the Predimed TrialToledo, E.; Hernandez-Hernandez, A.; Buil-Cosiales, P.; Estruch, R.; Salas-Salvado, J., et alActas de congresos
2013Dietary Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load According To Mediterranean Diet Adherence: The Predimed StudyRodriguez-Rejon, A.; Castro-Quezada, I. ; Ruano Rodriguez, Cristina ; Ruiz-Lopez, M. D.; Artacho, R., et alActas de congresos
2013Gazpacho consumption is associated with lower blood pressure and reduced hypertension in a high cardiovascular risk cohort. Cross-sectional study of the PREDIMED trialMedina-Remón, A.; Vallverdú-Queralt, A.; Arranz, S.; Ros, E.; Martínez-González, M. A., et alArtículo
2014Variation in the minichromosome maintenance complex component 6 gene, dairy intake and cardiovascular riskColtell, O.; Ortega-Azorin, C.; Martinez-Gonzalez, M. A.; Salas-Salvado, J.; Serra Majem, Luis , et alActas de congresosVariation_minichromosome_maintenance_complex.pdf.jpg
2015Effects of total dietary polyphenols on plasma nitric oxide and blood pressure in a high cardiovascular risk cohort. The PREDIMED randomized trialMedina-Remón, A.; Tresserra-Rimbau, A.; Pons, A.; Tur, J. A.; Martorell, M., et alArtículo
2016Yogurt consumption and abdominal obesity reversion in the PREDIMED studySantiago, S.; Sayón-Orea, C.; Babio, N.; Ruiz-Canela, M.; Martí, A., et alArtículo
2016Nutritional adequacy according to carbohydrates and fat qualitySánchez-Tainta, A.; Zazpe, I.; Bes-Rastrollo, M.; Salas-Salvadó, J.; Bullo, M., et alArtículo
2016Mediterranean alcohol drinking pattern and risk of atrial fibrillation in the PREDIMED studyBazal, P.; Aros, F.; Toledo, E.; Gea, A.; Fiol, M., et alActas de congresos
2018Longitudinal analysis of changes in diet and changes in weight and waist circumference in an elderly population at high cardiovascular risk (P 137-T)Pérez, V. P.; Romaguera, D.; Konieczna, J.; Razquin, C.; Morey, M., et alActas de congresosP137-T.pdf.jpg
2018Type 2 diabetes and cognitive impairment in an older population with obesity and metabolic syndrome: baseline cross-sectional analysis of the PREDIMED-plus study (W7-O3)Mallorqui-Bague, N.; Lozano-Madrid, M.; Toledo, E.; Corella, D.; Salas-Salvado, J., et alActas de congresos
2018Dietary folate intake and cardiometabolic risk in participants of the PREDIMED-PLUS randomized trial (P 156-T)Muñoz, E. M. N.; de la Hera, M. G.; González-Palacios, S.; Torres-Collado, L.; Fito, M., et alActas de congresosP 156-T.pdf.jpg
2018Micronutrient intake adequacy and mortality risk in the PREDIMED studyFalcón-García, I.; Ortiz-Andrellucchi, A.; Alvarez-Perez, J. ; Estruch, R. ; Martínez-González, M. A., et alActas de congresosP 122-F.pdf.jpg
2018Association between dairy foods consumption and total and cardiovascular mortality in the PREDIMED studyOrtiz-Andrellucchi, A.; Sanchez-Villegas, A. ; Henriquez-Sanchez, P.; Estruch, R. ; Martínez-González, M. A., et alActas de congresosP123-F.pdf.jpg
2019Cross-sectional association between non-soy legume consumption, serum uric acid and hyperuricemia: the PREDIMED-Plus studyBecerra-Tomás, Nerea; Mena-Sánchez, Guillermo; Díaz-López, Andrés; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel; Babio, Nancy, et alArtículo
2020Association between coffee consumption and total dietary caffeine intake with cognitive functioning: cross-sectional assessment in an elderly Mediterranean populationPaz-Graniel, I.; Babio, Nancy; Becerra-Tomás, N.; Toledo, Estefania; Camacho-Barcia, Lucia, et alArtículo