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Characterization and modeling of the liquid phase of deep eutectic solvents based on fatty acids/alcohols and choline chlorideCrespo, Emanuel A.; Silva, Liliana P.; Martins, Mónia A. R.; Fernández, Luis ; Ortega Saavedra, Juan , et al201710.1021/acs.iecr.7b02382Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research [ISSN 0888-5885], v. 56 (42), p. 12192-122020,978Q13,141Q1Artículo
Design and characterization of sugar-based deep eutectic solvents using conductor-like screening model for real solventsSilva, Liliana P.; Fernández Suárez, Luis Jesús ; Conceição, Joao H. F.; Martins, Mónia A. R.; Sosa Marco, Adriel , et al201810.1021/acssuschemeng.8b02042ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering [ISSN 2168-0485], v. 6 (8), p. 10724-107341,666Q16,97Q1Artículo
Can cholinium chloride form eutectic solvents with organic chloride-based salts?Abranches, Dinis O.; Silva, Liliana P.; Martins, Mónia A.R.; Fernández Suárez, Luis Jesús ; Pinho, Simão P., et al201910.1016/j.fluid.2019.04.019Fluid Phase Equilibria[ISSN 0378-3812],v. 493, p. 120-126, (Agosto 2019)0,762Q12,838Q2Artículo