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2014Visualization of skewed data: A tool in ROspina, Raydonal; Larangeiras, Antonio Marcos; Frery, Alejandro C. Artículo
2015Finding structures in ratio imagesFrery, Alejandro C. ; Ospina, Raydonal; Gómez Déniz, Luis Actas de congresos
2016Classification and verification of handwritten signatures with time causal information theory quantifiersRosso, Osvaldo A.; Ospina, Raydonal; Frery, Alejandro C. Artículo
2017Unassisted quantitative evaluation of despeckling filtersGomez, Luis ; Ospina, Raydonal; Frery, Alejandro C. Artículoremotesensing2017.pdf.jpg
2019Statistical properties of an unassisted image quality index for SAR imageryGómez Déniz, Luis ; Ospina, Raydonal; C. Frery, Alejandro ArtículoStatistical_Properties_Unassisted_Image.pdf.jpg