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Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase inhibition decreases growth hormone stimulated transcription mediated by STAT5Pircher, Tony J.; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Mui, Alice L.F.; Saltiel, Alan R.; Norstedt, Gunnar, et al199710.1016/S0303-7207(97)00164-0Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology[ISSN 0303-7207],v. 133, p. 169-1762,064Q2Artículo
In vitro interaction between STAT 5 and JAK 2; dependence upon phosphorylation status of STAT 5 and JAK 2Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Pircher, Tony J.; Silvennoinen, Olli; Gustafsson, Jan Åke; Sanchez-Gomez, Myriam, et al199810.1016/S0303-7207(98)00054-9Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology[ISSN 0303-7207],v. 138, p. 1-102,342Q2Artículo
Desensitization of the growth hormone-induced Janus kinase 2 (Jak 2)/signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (Stat5)-signaling pathway requires protein synthesis and phospholipase CFernández, Leandro; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Lahuna, Olivier; Sliva, Daniel; Norstedt, Gunnar, et al199810.1210/endo.139.4.5931Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 139, p. 1815-18244,633Q1Artículo
Growth hormone regulation of SOCS-2, SOCS-3, and CIS messenger ribonucleic acid expression in the ratTollet-Egnell, Petra; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Stavréus-Evers, Anneli; Sahlin, Lena; Norstedt, Gunnar199910.1210/endo.140.8.6878Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 140, p. 3693-37045,365Q1Artículo
Differential cloning of growth hormone-regulated hepatic transcripts in the aged ratTollet-Egnell, Petra; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Odeberg, Jacob; Lundeberg, Joakim; Norstedt, Gunnar200010.1210/endo.141.3.7385Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 141, p. 910-9214,79Q1Artículo
Microarray analysis of the in vivo effects of hypophysectomy and growth hormone treatment on gene expression in the ratFlores-Morales, Amilcar ; Ståhlberg, Nina; Tollet-Egnell, Petra; Lundeberg, Joakim; Malek, Renae L., et al200110.1210/endo.142.7.8235Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 142, p. 3163-31764,971Q1Artículo
Gene expression profile of the aging process in rat liver: Normalizing effects of growth hormone replacementTollet-Egnell, Petra; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Ståhlberg, Nina; Malek, Renae L.; Lee, Norman, et al200110.1210/mend.15.2.0594Molecular Endocrinology[ISSN 0888-8809],v. 15, p. 308-3186,725Q1Artículo
Endoplasmic reticulum stress prolongs GH-induced Janus kinase (JAK2)/signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT5) signaling pathwayFlores-Morales, Amilcar ; Fernandez, Leandro ; Rico-Bautista, Elizabeth; Umana, Adriana; Negrín, Ciro, et al200110.1210/mend.15.9.0699Molecular Endocrinology[ISSN 0888-8809],v. 15, p. 1471-14836,725Q1Artículo
Molecular characterization of prostate hyperplasia in prolactin-transgenic mice by using cDNA representational difference analysisDillner, Karin; Kindblom, Jon; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Pang, See Tong; Törnell, Jan, et al200210.1002/pros.10102Prostate[ISSN 0270-4137],v. 52, p. 139-1493,151Q1Artículo
Identification of genes with higher expression in human uterine leiomyomas than in the corresponding myometriumWu, Xuxia; Blanck, Agneta; Norstedt, Gunnar; Sahlin, Lena; Flores-Morales, Amilcar 2002Molecular Human Reproduction[ISSN 1360-9947],v. 8, p. 246-254Artículo
Gene expression profiling of androgen deficiency predicts a pathway of prostate apoptosis that involves genes related to oxidative stressPang, See Tong; Dillner, Karin; Wu, Xuxia; Pousette, Åke; Norstedt, Gunnar, et al200210.1210/en.2002-220327Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 143, p. 4897-49065,095Q1Artículo
Patterns of liver gene expression governed by TRβFlores-Morales, Amilcar ; Gullberg, Hjalmar; Fernandez, Leandro ; Ståhlberg, Nina; Lee, Norman H., et al200210.1210/me.16.6.1257Molecular Endocrinology[ISSN 0888-8809],v. 16, p. 1257-12686,623Q1Artículo
Differentially expressed transcripts in neoplastic hepatic nodules and neonatal rat liver studied by cDNA microarray analysisTellgren, Åsa; Wood, Timothy J.J.; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Torndal, Ulla Britta; Eriksson, Lennart, et al200310.1002/ijc.10946International Journal of Cancer[ISSN 0020-7136],v. 104, p. 131-1384,375Q1Artículo
Gene Expression Analysis of Prostate Hyperplasia in Mice Overexpressing the Prolactin Gene Specifically in the ProstateDillner, Karin; Kindblom, Jon; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Shao, Ruijin; Törnell, Jan, et al200310.1210/en.2003-0415Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 144, p. 4955-49665,063Q1Artículo
Gene expression profiling of the effects of castration and estrogen treatment in the rat uterusWu, Xuxia; Pang, See Tong; Sahlin, Lena; Blanck, Agneta; Norstedt, Gunnar, et al200310.1095/biolreprod.103.015420Biology of Reproduction[ISSN 0006-3363],v. 69, p. 1308-13173,646Q1Artículo
Growth hormone-mediated alteration of fuel metabolism in the aged rat as determined from transcript profilesTollet-Egnell, Petra; Parini, Paolo; Ståhlberg, Nina; Lönnstedt, Ingrid; Lee, Norman H., et al200410.1152/physiolgenomics.00093.2002Physiological Genomics[ISSN 1531-2267],v. 16, p. 261-2673,855Q1Artículo
Differentially expressed genes in visceral or subcutaneous adipose tissue of obese men and womenLinder, Kristina; Arner, Peter; Flores-Morales, Amilcar ; Tollet-Egnell, Petra; Norstedt, Gunnar200410.1194/jlr.M300256-JLR200Journal of Lipid Research[ISSN 0022-2275],v. 45, p. 148-1544,159Q1Artículo
Female-predominant expression of fatty acid translocase/CD36 in rat and human liverStåhlberg, Nina; Rico-Bautista, Elizabeth; Fisher, Rachel M.; Wu, Xuxia; Cheung, Louisa, et al200410.1210/en.2003-0874Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 145, p. 1972-19795,151Q1Artículo
Grid computing for the analysis of regulatory elements in CO-regulated sets of genesGeijer, Johan; Lenhard, Boris; Merino-Martinez, Roxana; Norstedt, Gunnar; Flores-Morales, Amilcar 200410.1142/S0129626404001799Parallel Processing Letters[ISSN 0129-6264],v. 14, p. 137-150Artículo
SOCS2 negatively regulates growth hormone action in vitro and in vivoGreenhalgh, Christopher J.; Rico-Bautista, Elizabeth; Lorentzon, Mattias; Thaus, Anne L.; Morgan, Phillip O., et al200510.1172/JCI200522710Journal of Clinical Investigation[ISSN 0021-9738],v. 115, p. 397-406Artículo