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How could changes in diet explain changes in coronary heart disease mortality in Spain? The Spanish paradoxSerra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Tresserras, Ricard; Ngo, Joy; Salleras, Lluís199510.1093/ajcn/61.6.1351SAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition [ISSN 0002-9165], v. 61Artículo
Risk of inadequate intakes of vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, folate, iron and calcium in the Spanish population aged 4 to 18Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; Aranceta, Javier; Garaulet, Marta, et al200110.1024/0300-9831.71.6.325International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research [ISSN 0300-9831], v. 71, p. 325-3311,175Q2Artículo
Food, youth and the Mediterranean diet in Spain. Development of KIDMED, Mediterranean Diet Quality Index in children and adolescentsSerra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; Ortega, Rosa M.; García, Alicia, et al200410.1079/PHN2004556Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 7, p. 931-9351,747Q2Actas de congresosfood-youth-and-the-mediterranean-diet-in-spain-development-of-kidmed-mediterranean-diet-quality-index-in-children-and-adolescents.pdf.jpg
The use of indexes evaluating the adherence to the Mediterranean diet in epidemiological studies: A reviewBach, Anna; Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Carrasco, Josep L.; Roman, Blanca; Ngo, Joy, et al200610.1079/PHN2005936Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 9, p. 132-1462,123Q2Reseñathe-use-of-indexes-evaluating-the-adherence-to-the-mediterranean-diet-in-epidemiological-studies-a-review.pdf.jpg
Methodological limitations in measuring childhood and adolescent obesity and overweight in epidemiological studies: Does overweight fare better than obesity?Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Ngo, Joy; Aranceta, Javier200710.1017/S1368980007000584Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 10, p. 1112-11201,858Q2Artículomethodological-limitations-in-measuring-childhood-and-adolescent-obesity-and-overweight-in-epidemiological-studies-does-overweight-fare-better-than-obesity.pdf.jpg
Trends in energy and nutrient intake and risk of inadequate intakes in Catalonia, Spain (1992-2003)Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Salvador, Gemma; Jover, Lluís; Raidó, Blanca, et al200710.1017/S1368980007000961Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800],v. 10, p. 1354-13671,858Q2Artículo
Knowledge, opinions and behaviours related to food and nutrition in Catalonia, Spain (1992-2003)Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Román-Viñas, Blanca; Salvador, Gemma; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy, et al200710.1017/S1368980007001000Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 10, p. 1396-14051,858Q2Artículo
Dietary assessment methods used for low-income populations in food consumption surveys: A literature reviewVucic, Vesna; Glibetic, Maria; Novakovic, Romana; Ngo, Joy; Ristic-Medic, Danijela, et al200910.1017/S0007114509990626British Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0007-1145], v. 101 sup. 2, p. S95-S101, (Julio 2009)3,446Q1Reseñadietary_assessment_methods.pdf.jpg
ForewordSerra-Majem, Lluís ; Ngo, Joy; Aranceta, Javier; Solomons, Noel W.200910.1111/j.1753-4887.2009.00149.xNutrition Reviews [ISSN 0029-6643], v. 67 (5) sup. 1, p. S1, (Mayo 2009)3,443Q1Actas de congresosForeword (2).pdf.jpg
A review of the use of information and communication technologies for dietary assessmentNgo, Joy; Engelen, Anouk; Molag, Marja; Roesle, Joni; García-Segovia, Purificación, et al200910.1017/S0007114509990638British Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0007-1145], v. 101 (sup. 2), p. s102-s112, (Julio 2009)3,446Q1Reseñareview_of_the_use_of_information_and_communication_technologies.pdf.jpg
How dietary intake methodology is adapted for use in European immigrant population groups-a reviewNgo, Joy; Gurinovic, Mirjana; Frost-Andersen, Lene; Serra-Majem, Lluís 200910.1017/S0007114509990614British Journal of Nutrition[ISSN 0007-1145],v. 1013,446Q1Reseña
Effects of dietary assessment methods on assessing risk of nutrient intake adequacy at the population level: from theory to practiceRibas-Barba, Lourdes; Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Román-Viñas, Blanca; Ngo, Joy; García-Álvarez, Alicia200910.1017/S0007114509990596British Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0007-1145], v. 101 (sup. 2), p. S64-S72, (Julio 2009)3,446Q1Artículoeffects_of_dietary_assessment_methods.pdf.jpg
How is the adequacy of micronutrient intake assessed across Europe? A systematic literature reviewTabacchi, Garden; Wijnhoven, Trudy M. A.; Branca, Francesco; Román-Viñas, Blanca; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes, et al200910.1017/S0007114509990560British Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0007-1145], v. 101 (sup. 2), p. s29-s36, (Julio 2009)3,446Q1Artículohow_adequacy_of_micronutrient_literature_review.pdf.jpg
Overview of methods used to evaluate the adequacy of nutrient intakes for individuals and populationsRomán-Viñas, Blanca; Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; García-Álvarez, Alicia, et al200910.1017/S0007114509990535British Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0007-1145], v. 101 (sup. 2), p. S6-S11, (Julio 2009)3,446Q1Artículooverview_of_methods_used_to_evaluate.pdf.jpg
Validity of dietary patterns to assess nutrient intake adequacyRomán-Viñas, Blanca; Barba, Lourdes Ribas; Ngo, Joy; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel; Wijnhoven, Trudy M.A., et al200910.1017/S0007114509990547British Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0007-1145], v. 101 (sup. 2), p. s12-s20, (Julio 2009)3,446Q1Artículovalidity_of_dietary_patterns_to_assess_nutrient_intake_adequacy.pdf.jpg
Validity of dietary patterns to assess nutrient intake adequacyRoman, Blanca; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; Martinez-Gonzalez, Miguel Angel; Serra-Majem, Lluis 200910.1159/isbn.978-3-8055-9205-5Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism [ISSN 0250-6807], v. 55 (sup. 1), p. 473, (2009)1,97Q2Actas de congresos
Food Policies In Europe: European Nutrition And Health Report IISerra Majem, Luis ; Vinas, Blanca Roman; Ngo, Joy2009Annals Of Nutrition And Metabolism [ISSN 0250-6807], v. 55 sup. 1, p. 564, (2009)1,97Q2Actas de congresos
Projected prevalence of inadequate nutrient intakes in EuropeRoman Viñas, Blanca; Ribas Barba, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; Gurinovic, Mirjana; Novakovic, Romana, et al201110.1159/000332762Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism[ISSN 0250-6807],v. 59, p. 84-950,872Q22,257Q2Artículo
Plant food supplement (PFS) market structure in EC Member States, methods and techniques for the assessment of individual PFS intakeVargas-Murga, Liliana; García-Alvarez, Alicia; Román Viñas, Blanca; Ngo, Joy; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes, et al201110.1039/c1fo10075kFood & Function [ISSN 2042-6496], 2011, 2(12): 731-7390,347Q21,179Q2ReseñaPlant_food_supplement.pdf.jpg
EURRECA-Evidence-Based Methodology for Deriving Micronutrient RecommendationsDhonukshe-Rutten, Rosalie A.M.; Bouwman, Jildau; Brown, Kerry A.; Cavelaars, Adriënne E.J.M.; Collings, Rachel, et al201310.1080/10408398.2012.749209Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition[ISSN 1040-8398],v. 53, p. 999-10402,046Q15,548Q1Artículo