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Thyroid hormones and glucocorticoids act synergistically in the regulation of the low affinity glucocorticoid binding sites in the male rat liverChirino, Ricardo ; Fernández Pérez, Leandro Fco ; Lopez, Antonio; Navarro, Domingo; Rivero, Juan F., et al199110.1210/endo-129-6-3118Endocrinology [ISSN 0013-7227], v. 129 (6), p. 3118-3124Artículo
Stanozolol and danazol, unlike natural androgens, interact with the low affinity glucocorticoid-binding sites from male rat liver microsomesFernàndez, Leandro ; Chirino, Ricardo ; Boada, Luis D. ; Navarro, Domingo; Cabrera, Noemí, et al199410.1210/endo.134.3.8119180Endocrinology[ISSN 0013-7227],v. 134, p. 1401-1408Artículo
Age-related changes in the induction of tyrosine aminotransferase by dexamethasone: correlation with the low-affinity glucocorticoid binding sitesChirino, Ricardo ; Fernández, Leandro ; López-Guerra, Antonio ; Valerón, Pilar F. ; Navarro, Domingo, et al199410.1016/0047-6374(94)90012-4Mechanisms of Ageing and Development[ISSN 0047-6374],v. 75, p. 227-238Artículo
Validation of a differential PCR and an ELISA procedure in studying HER-2/neu status in breast cancerValerón, Pilar F. ; Chirino, Ricardo ; Fernandez, Leandro ; Torres, Santiago; Navarro, Domingo, et al199610.1002/(SICI)1097-0215(19960117)65:2<129::AID-IJC1>3.0.CO;2-0International Journal Of Cancer[ISSN 0020-7136],v. 65 (2), p. 129-133Artículo
Estrogen antagonism on T<inf>3</inf>and growth hormone control of the liver microsomal low-affinity glucocorticoid binding site (LAGS)Lopez-Guerra, Antonio ; Chirino, Ricardo ; Navarro, Domingo; Fernández, Leandro; Boada, Luís D. , et al199710.1016/S0960-0760(97)00123-4Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology[ISSN 0960-0760],v. 63, p. 219-2281,709Q2Artículo
The two native estrogen receptor forms of 8S and 4S present in cytosol from human uterine tissues display opposite reactivities with the antiestrogen tamoxifen aziridine and the estrogen responsive elementNavarro, Domingo; León, Laureano; Chirino, Ricardo ; Fernández, Leandro ; Pestano, J , et al199810.1016/S0960-0760(97)00134-9Journal Of Steroid Biochemistry And Molecular Biology[ISSN 0960-0760],v. 64 (1-2), p. 49-581,926Q2Artículo
Tamoxifen aziridine binding to cytosolic proteins from human breast specimens is negatively associated with estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, pS2, and cathepsin-DNavarro, Domingo; Doreste, Hilario; Cabrera, Juan J. ; Morales, Manuel; Diaz-Chico, JC , et al199810.1023/A:1006062510883Breast Cancer Research And Treatment[ISSN 0167-6806],v. 50 (2), p. 155-1662,287Q2Artículo
Transition to androgen-independence in prostate cancerNavarro, Domingo; Luzardo, Octavio P. ; Fernández, Leandro ; Chesa, Nicolás; Díaz-Chico, Bonifacio N. 200210.1016/S0960-0760(02)00064-XJournal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology[ISSN 0960-0760],v. 81, p. 191-201Comentario
Evaluation of the Potential Protective Effect of 21-Aminosteroid U-74389G on Liver Injury Induced by Reduced and Prolonged Partial Hepatic Ischaemia Reperfusion in RatsZumbado, Manuel ; Domínguez-Díez, Agustín; Hernández, Juan Ramón ; Díaz, José María; Palomar, Rosa, et al200310.1046/j.1600-0773.2003.pto930507.xPharmacology & Toxicology[ISSN 0901-9928],v. 93 (5), p. 238-2431,302Q3Artículo