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Genetic resistance to parasitic disease: particularly of resistance in ruminants to gastrointestinal nematodesStear, M. J. ; Murray, M.199410.1016/0304-4017(94)90089-2Veterinary Parasitology[ISSN 0304-4017],v. 54, p. 161-176Artículo
The distribution of faecal nematode egg counts in Scottish Blackface lambs following natural, predominantly Ostertagia circumcincta infectionStear, M. J. ; Gettinby, G. ; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; McKellar, Q. A., et al199510.1017/S003118200006529XParasitology[ISSN 0031-1820],v. 110, p. 573-581Artículo
The repeatability of faecal egg counts, peripheral eosinophil counts, and plasma pepsinogen concentrations during deliberate infections with Ostertagia circumcinctaStear, M. J. ; Bishop, S. C.; Duncan, J. L.; McKellar, Q. A.; Murray, M.199510.1016/0020-7519(94)00136-CInternational Journal for Parasitology[ISSN 0020-7519],v. 25, p. 375-380Artículo
Influence of supplementation with dietary soyabean meal on resistance to haemonchosis in Hampshire down lambsWallace, D. S.; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; Fishwick, G.; Gill, M., et al199510.1016/0034-5288(95)90108-6Research in Veterinary Science[ISSN 0034-5288],v. 58, p. 232-237Artículo
Influence of soyabean meal supplementation on the resistance of Scottish blackface lambs to haemonchosisWallace, D. S.; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; Fishwick, G.; Gill, M., et al199610.1016/S0034-5288(96)90008-9Research in Veterinary Science[ISSN 0034-5288],v. 60, p. 138-143Artículo
How hosts control worms [7]Stear, M. J. ; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; Holmes, P. H.; McKellar, Q. A., et al1997Nature[ISSN 0028-0836],v. 389, p. 27Comentario
The genetic basis of resistance to Ostertagia circumcincta in lambsStear, M. J. ; Bairden, K.; Bishop, S. C.; Buitkamp, J.; Duncan, J. L., et al199710.1016/S1090-0233(97)80049-4Veterinary Journal[ISSN 1090-0233],v. 154, p. 111-119Reseña
Response to artificial and subsequent natural infection with Haemonchus contortus in Red Maasai and Dorper ewesWanyangu, S. W.; Mugambi, J. M.; Bain, R. K.; Duncan, J. L.; Murray, M., et al199710.1016/S0304-4017(96)01129-6Veterinary Parasitology[ISSN 0304-4017],v. 69, p. 275-2821,147Q1Artículo
Resistance of four sheep breeds to natural and subsequent artificial Haemonchus contortus infectionMugambi, J. M.; Bain, R. K.; Wanyangu, S. W.; Ihiga, M. A.; Duncan, J. L., et al199710.1016/S0304-4017(96)01128-4Veterinary Parasitology[ISSN 0304-4017],v. 69, p. 265-2731,147Q1Artículo
Studies on host resistance to tick infestations among trypanotolerant Bos indicus cattle breeds in East AfricaMwangi, E. K.; Stevenson, P.; Ndung'u, J. M.; Stear, M. J. ; Reid, S. W.J., et al199810.1111/j.1749-6632.1998.tb11049.xAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences[ISSN 0077-8923],v. 849, p. 195-2080,959Q1Actas de congresos
The influence of dietary supplementation with urea on resilience and resistance to infection with Haemonchus contortusWallace, D. S.; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; Eckersall, P. D.; Fishwick, G., et al199810.1017/S0031182097001947Parasitology[ISSN 0031-1820],v. 116, p. 67-721,867Q1Artículo
The influence of increased feeding on the susceptibility of sheep to infection with Haemonchus contortusWallace, D. S.; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; Eckersall, P. D.; Fishwick, G., et al199910.1017/S1357729800051031Animal Science[ISSN 1357-7298],v. 69, p. 457-4630,868Q1Artículo
The influence of relative resistance and urea-supplementation on deliberate infection with Teladorsagia circumcincta during winterStear, M. J. ; Bairden, K.; Duncan, J. L.; Eckersall, P. D.; Fishwick, G., et al200010.1016/S0304-4017(00)00370-8Veterinary Parasitology[ISSN 0304-4017],v. 94, p. 45-541,312Q1Artículo