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Molecular characterization of Culex Theileri from Canary Islands, Spain, a potential vector of Dirofilaria ImmitisMorchón, R.; Bargues, M. D.; Latorre-Estivalis, J. M.; Pou-Barreto, C.; Melero-Alcibar, R., et al201110.4172/2161-0681.S3-001Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pathology [ISSN 2161-0681], S3: 001 (2011)Artículomolecular-characterization-culex.pdf.jpg
Calr Mutations In Essential Thrombocythemia: Incidence, Clinical Utility And Molecular Diagnostic By High Resolution MeltingMoreno, M.; Torres, L.; Gomez Casares, M. T.; Bilbao-Sieyro, C. ; Santana, G., et al2014Haematologica[ISSN 0390-6078],v. 99, p. 392-3922,651Q15,814Q1Artículo
Post-fire recovery of an endemic Canarian pine forestArévalo, J. R.; Fernández-Lugo, S.; Naranjo Cigala, Agustín ; Salas, M. ; Ruíz, R., et al201410.1071/WF13055International Journal of Wildland Fire[ISSN 1049-8001],v. 23, p. 403-4091,392Q12,429Q1Artículo
To Take Home: How Much Value Is Low Burden Of Jak2 V617F Allele Mutation?Torres-Miana, L.; Moreno, M.; Cruz, N.; Bilbao, C. ; Gonzalez, J., et al2015Haematologica[ISSN 0390-6078],v. 100, p. 525-5252,989Q16,671Q1Artículo
What Value Does The Low Allelic Load Have In The Jak2 V617F Mutation?Torres Minana, L.; Moreno, M.; Cruz, N.; Gonzalez, J.; Santana, G., et al2015Haematologica[ISSN 0390-6078],v. 100, p. 234-2342,989Q16,671Q1Artículo
New Proposed Who Criteria For The Pv Diagnosis: A Clinical Overload Problem?Moreno, M.; Gomez-Casares, T.; Santana-Santana, G.; Gonzalez-Martin, J. M.; Bilbao, C. , et al2016Haematologica[ISSN 0390-6078],v. 101, p. 811-8122,811Q17,702Q1Artículo
Association between coffee consumption and total dietary caffeine intake with cognitive functioning: cross-sectional assessment in an elderly Mediterranean populationPaz-Graniel, I.; Babio, Nancy; Becerra-Tomás, N.; Toledo, Estefania; Camacho-Barcia, Lucia, et al202010.1007/s00394-020-02415-wEuropean Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 1436-6207], (Enero 2020)1,244Q14,664Q1Artículo