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2011Surface monitoring based on light scattering by metal nanosensorsAlbella, Pablo ; María Saiz, Jose; González, Francisco; Moreno, FernandoReseña
2011Shape matters: Plasmonic nanoparticle shape enhances interaction with dielectric substrateAlbella, Pablo ; Garcia-Cueto, Borja; González, Francisco; Moreno, Fernando; Wu, Pae C., et alArtículo
2011Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence and spectral modification in SHINEFAroca, Ricardo F.; Teo, Geok Yi; Mohan, Haider; Guerrero, Ariel R.; Albella, Pablo , et alArtículo
2013Low-loss electric and magnetic field-enhanced spectroscopy with subwavelength silicon dimersAlbella, Pablo ; Poyli, M. Ameen; Schmidt, Mikolaj K.; Maier, Stefan A.; Moreno, Fernando, et alArtículo
2014Electric and Magnetic Field Enhancement with Ultralow Heat Radiation Dielectric Nanoantennas: Considerations for Surface-Enhanced SpectroscopiesAlbella, Pablo ; De La Osa, Rodrigo Alcaraz; Moreno, Fernando; Maier, Stefan A.Artículo
2018The quest for low loss high refractive index dielectric materials for UV photonic applicationsGutiérrez, Yael; Ortiz, Dolores; Saiz, José M.; González, Francisco; Albella, Pablo , et alArtículo