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2007The eastern Atlantic juveniles of loggerhead sea turtles: Where do they come from and how do they distribute?Monzón Argüello, Catalina; Rico, Ciro; Carreras, Carlos; Calabuig-Miranda, Pascual; Marco, Adolfo, et alActas de congresosEastern_Atlantic_juveniles_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2008Population genetic analysis of loggerhead turtles in the Cape Verde IslandsMonzón Argüello, Catalina; Rico, Ciro; Naro Maciel, Eugenia; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López Suárez, P., et alActas de congresos5233.pdf.jpg
2008Genetic structure of North Atlantic loggerhead sea turtles : insights from expanded mitochondrial analysesLópez-Jurado, Luis Felipe ; Monzón Argüello, Catalina; Naro Maciel, Eugenia; Marco, Adolfo; Rico, CiroActas de congresos5421.pdf.jpg
2010Conservation genetics of North Atlantic loggerhead sea turtles: analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial DNARico, Ciro; Naro Maciel, Eugenia; Marco, Adolfo; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe ; Monzón Argüello, CatalinaActas de congresosConservation_genetics_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2012Genetic characterization of hawksbill juveniles foraging at Cape Verde islands indicates major undiscovered nesting populations in the regionMonzón Argüello, Catalina; Rico, Ciro; Marco, Adolfo; López, Pedro; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe Actas de congresosGenetic_Eretmochelys_imbricata.pdf.jpg