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2012A software complex for TNG Observatory efficiency measurementsMolinari, Emilio; Hernandez, Nauzet Actas de congresos
2014LaNotte, the TNG metric system after two years of dataMolinari, Emilio; Hernandez, Nauzet Actas de congresos
2018Introducing GOFIO: A DRS for the GIANO-B near-infrared spectrographRainer, Monica; Harutyunyan, Avet; Carleo, Ilaria; Oliva, Ernesto; Benatti, Serena, et alActas de congresos
2018GIANO-B Online Data Reduction Software at the TNGHarutyunyan, Avet; Rainer, Monica; Hernandez, Nauzet ; Oliva, Ernesto; Guerra, Jose, et alActas de congresos