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2011Comparison and evaluation of the reliability of indexes of adherence to the Mediterranean dietMilà-Villarroel, Raimon; Bach-Faig, Anna; Puig, Josep; Puchal, Anna; Farran, Andreu, et alArtículo
2014Usage of plant food supplements across six european countries: Findings from the PlantLIBRA consumer surveyGarcia-Alvarez, Alicia; Egan, Bernadette; De Klein, Simone; Dima, Lorena; Maggi, Franco M., et alArtículo
2016Adverse effects of plant food supplements self-reported by consumers in the PlantLIBRA survey involving six european countriesRestani, Patrizia; Di Lorenzo, Chiara; Garcia-Alvarez, Alicia; Badea, Mihaela; Ceschi, Alessandro, et alArtículoAdverse_effects_plant_food_supplements.PDF.jpg