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Vem For (Methyl Alkanoate+1-Chloroalkane) At 298.15KOrtega, J ; Pena, Ja; Matos, Js1988Journal Of The Indian Chemical Society[ISSN 0019-4522],v. 65 (8), p. 551-553Artículo
Vme Of Mixtures Containing Ethyl Propanoate Or Ethyl Butanoate With 1-ChloroalkanesMatos, Js; Ortega, J ; Garcia, Mv1988Journal Of Chemical And Engineering Data[ISSN 0021-9568],v. 33 (3), p. 260-262Artículo
Isobaric Expansivities Of The Binary-Mixtures C3H7(Oh)+Cnh2N+2(N=11,12) Between 288.15-K And 318.15-KOrtega, J ; Matos, Js; Pena, Ja; Pazandrade, Mi; Pias, L, et al1988Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 131, p. 57-64Artículo
Analysis Of Excess-Enthalpies Of Ester+ 1-Chloroalkanes With 2 Group Contribution Models - Primary ParametersOrtega, J ; Matos, Js; Pazandrade, Mi; Fernandez, J; Pias, L1988Fluid Phase Equilibria[ISSN 0378-3812],v. 43 (2-3), p. 295-316Artículo
Excess Molar Enthalpies Of Methyl Alkanoates + Normal-Nonane At 298.15-KOrtega, J ; Matos, Js; Pena, Ja1990Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 160 (2), p. 337-342Artículo
Analysis Of Volumes Of Mixing For Propyl And Butyl Formate With Normal-Alkanes In Terms Of The Nitta ModelMatos, Js; Ortega, J ; Tardajos, G; Garcia, Mv; Legido, Jl1990Journal Of Solution Chemistry[ISSN 0095-9782],v. 19 (11), p. 1063-1071Artículo
Enthalpies Of Mixing At 298.15-K Of A Methyl Alkanoate (From Acetate To Pentanoate) With Normal-Alkanes (Normal-Tridecane And Normal-Pentadecane)Ortega, J ; Matos, Js; Pena, Ja1990Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 168, p. 121-126Artículo
Densities And Viscosities Of Mixing For The Binary-System Of Methyl Benzoate With Normal-Nonane At Different TemperaturesGarcia, B; Miranda, Mj; Leal, Jm; Ortega, J ; Matos, Js1991Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 186 (2), p. 285-292Artículo
Thermodynamic properties of (a methyl ester + an n-alkane) I. HEm and VEm for {xCH3(CH2)u−1CO2CH3 (u = 1 to 6) + (1 − x)CH3(CH2)6CH3}Ortega, J ; Gonzalez, E; Matos, Js; Legido, Jl1992Journal Of Chemical Thermodynamics[ISSN 0021-9614],v. 24 (1), p. 15-22Artículo
Experimental And Predicted Mixing Enthalpies For Several Methyl Normal-Alkanoates With Normal-Pentane At 298.15-K - Application Of The Unifac ModelOrtega, J ; Matos, Js; Pena, Ja1992Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 195, p. 321-327Artículo
Solute-solvent interactions in amide-water mixed solventsGarcia, B; Alcalde, R; Leal, JM; Matos, JS199710.1021/jp9626374Journal Of Physical Chemistry B [ISSN 1520-6106], v. 101 (40), p. 7991-7997, (Octubre 1997)Artículo