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Excess molar volumes of (ethyl formate or ethyl acetate + an isomer of hexanol) at 298.15 KOrtega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Paz Andrade, M. I.; Jimenez, E.198510.1016/0021-9614(85)90039-4The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics [ISSN 0021-9614], v. 17 (12), p. 1127-1132 (Enero 1985)Artículo
Estimation of the isobaric expansivities from several equations of molar refraction for some pure organic compoundsOrtega, J ; Matos, J. S.198610.1016/0254-0584(86)90025-8Materials Chemistry and Physics [ISSN 0254-0584], v. 15 (5), p. 415-425Artículo
Isobaric expansivities of the binary mixtures C3H7(OH) + CnH2n + 2 (n = 11, 12) between 288.15 and 318.15 KOrtega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Peña, J. A.; Paz-Andrade, M. I.; Pias, L., et al198810.1016/0040-6031(88)80057-1Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 131(29), p. 57-64Artículo
Analysis of excess molar volumes of binary mixtures of toluene with the hexanol isomers at 298.15 KMatos, J. S.; Ortega, J. ; Garcia, M. V.199010.1016/0040-6031(90)80632-9Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 168, p. 127-134Artículo
Excess molar enthalpies of methyl alkanoates + n-nonane at 298.15 kOrtega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Peña, J. A.199010.1016/0040-6031(90)80274-3Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 160, p. 337-342Artículo
Enthalpies of mixing at 298.15 K of a methyl alkanoate (from acetate to pentanoate) with n-alkanes (n-tridecane and n-pentadecane)Ortega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Peña, J. A.199010.1016/0040-6031(90)80631-8Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 168, p. 121-126Artículo
Analysis of volumes of mixing for propyl and butyl formate with n-alkanes in terms of the Nitta modelMatos, J. S.; Ortega, J. ; Tardajos, G.; Garcia, M. V.; Legido, J. L.199010.1007/BF00649451Journal of Solution Chemistry[ISSN 0095-9782],v. 19, p. 1063-1071Artículo
Volumetric behaviour of binary systems of cyclohexane with the hexanol isomers at 298.15 KOrtega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Perez, E.199110.1016/0040-6031(91)80369-TThermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 180, p. 1-8Artículo
Densities and viscosities of mixing for the binary system of methyl benzoate with n-nonane at different temperaturesGarcía, B.; Miranda, M. J.; Leal, J. M.; Ortega, J. ; Matos, J. S.199110.1016/0040-6031(91)87045-XThermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 186, p. 285-292Artículo
Excess molar volumes of benzene with certain isomers of hexanolOrtega, J. ; Chaar, M. ; Matos, J. S.199210.1016/0040-6031(92)85233-LThermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 204 (2), p. 295-302Artículo
Thermodynamic properties of (a methyl ester + an n-alkane). IIOrtega, J. ; Gonzalez, E.; Matos, J. S.; Legido, J. L.199210.1016/S0021-9614(05)80250-2The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics[ISSN 0021-9614],v. 24(1), p. 15-22Artículo
Experimental and predicted mixing enthalpies for several methyl n-alkanoates with n-pentane at 298.15 K. Application of the UNIFAC modelOrtega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Peña, J. A.199210.1016/0040-6031(92)80075-8Thermochimica Acta[ISSN 0040-6031],v. 195, p. 321-327Artículo
Thermodynamic properties of (a methyl ester + an n-alkane). IIGonzález, E.; Ortega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Tardajos, G.199310.1006/jcht.1993.1050Journal Of Chemical Thermodynamics[ISSN 0021-9614],v. 25 (5), p. 561-568Artículo
Volumetric study of (an aliphatic methyl ester + heptane or nonane) at the temperature 298.15 KMatos, J. S.; Trenzado, J. L. ; Caro, M. N. ; Romano, E. ; Pérez, E.199410.1006/jcht.1994.1102The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics [ISSN 0021-9614], v. 26, p. 857-862Artículo
Volúmenes molares de exceso a varias temperaturas de los sistemas ternarios pentanoato de metilo o heptanoato de metilo + n-octano + 1-hexanolTrenzado, J. L. ; Matos, J. S.; Romano, E. 1995XXV Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física : resúmenes de las comunicaciones : Santiago de Compostela 18-23 Septiembre, 1995, p. 715Actas de congresos575135.pdf.jpg
Excess molar volumes of (methyl ethanoate + 1-chlorooctane + an n-alkane) ternary mixtures and their constituent binaries at 25°CMatos, J. S.; Trenzado, J. L. ; Romano, E. ; Caro, M. N. ; Pérez, M. E.200110.1023/A:1005279500454Journal of Solution Chemistry [ISSN 0095-9782], v. 30, p. 263-2790,966Q3Artículo
Densities, viscosities, and related properties of some (methyl ester + alkane) binary mixtures in the temperature range from 283.15 to 313.15 KTrenzado, J. L. ; Matos, J. S.; Segade, L.; Carballo, E.200110.1021/je0100286Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data [ISSN 0021-9568], v. 46, p. 974-9830,96Q1Artículo
Modelling of the thermal effects involved in the determination of heat of mixing, using an ITC operating in continuous modeRodríguez De Rivera, M. ; Socorro, F. ; Matos, J. S.201010.1007/s10973-009-0438-0Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry [ISSN 1388-6150], v. 99, p. 791-7971,752Q3Artículo