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2005Dynamic interconnection of Ad-Hoc nodes based on the type of service to be accessedMarrero, D. ; Macias, EM ; Suárez Sarmiento, Álvaro Actas de congresos
2017Adaptive Estimation of WiFi RSSI and Its Impact Over Advanced Wireless ServicesSantana, José Aurelio ; López, Elsa Macías ; Suárez Sarmiento, Álvaro ; Marrero, Domingo ; Mena, Vicente Artículo
2017Interference effects redress over power-efficient wireless-friendly mesh networks for ubiquitous sensor communications across smart citiesSantana Almeida, José Aurelio ; Marrero, Domingo ; Macías López, Elsa María ; Mena Santana, Vicente E. ; Suárez Sarmiento, Álvaro ArtículoInterference_effects_redress.pdf.jpg