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2014Analysis of urban and vegetation growing in NW Senegal during the last 25 years using medium resolution imageryMarcello, J. ; Calderero, F.; Marques, F.; Eugenio, F. Actas de congresos
2014Fast generation of LULC maps for temporal studies in North-Western AfricaDel Aguila, P.; Calderero, F.; Marques, F.; Marcello, J. ; Eugenio, F. Actas de congresosFULLTEXT01.pdf.jpg
2015Precise classification of coastal benthic habitats using high resolution Worldview-2 imageryMarcello, J. ; Marques, F.; Eugenio, F. ; Martin, J. Actas de congresospaper_Benticas_IGARSS2015_v3.pdf.jpg
2018Benthic mapping using high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral imageryMarcello, J. ; Eugenio, F. ; Marques, F.Actas de congresos
2019Bathymetry mapping using very high resolution satellite multispectral Imagery in Shallow coastal waters of protected ecosystemsMarques, F.; Eugenio, F. ; Alfaro, M.; Marcello, J. Actas de congresos