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Recovering western on-line signatures from image-based specimensDiaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Parziale, Antonio; Marcelli, Angelo201710.1109/ICDAR.2017.1992017 14Th Iapr International Conference On Document Analysis And Recognition (Icdar), Vol 1[ISSN 1520-5363], p. 1204-1209, (2017)Actas de congresosPID4940315.pdf.jpg
Temporal evolution in synthetic handwritingCarmona-Duarte, Cristina ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Parziale, Antonio; Marcelli, Angelo201710.1016/j.patcog.2017.03.019Pattern Recognition[ISSN 0031-3203],v. 68, p. 233-2441,065Q13,965Q1Artículo
Do synthetic generated signatures reflect the subject motor programs? A pilot studyParziale, Antonio; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Marcelli, Angelo2017Graphonomics for e-Citizens: e-Health, e-Society, e-Education / Claudio De Stefano, Angelo Marcelli (Eds.), p.119-122Actas de congresos28.pdf.jpg
Tracking the ballistic trajectory in complex and long handwritten signaturesCrispo, Gioele; Diaz, Moises ; Marcelli, Angelo; Ferrer, Miguel A. 201810.1109/ICFHR-2018.2018.00068Proceedings of International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, ICFHR[ISSN 2167-6445],v. 2018-August (8583786), p. 351-356Actas de congresos
SM-DTW: Stability Modulated Dynamic Time Warping for signature verificationParziale, Antonio; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Marcelli, Angelo201910.1016/j.patrec.2018.07.029Pattern Recognition Letters [ISSN 0167-8655], v. 121, p. 113-122, (Abril 2019)0,848; 0,848Q13,255; 3,255Q2Artículo
Writing Order Recovery in Complex and Long Static HandwritingDíaz Cabrera, Moisés ; Crispo, Gioele; Parziale, Antonio; Marcelli, Angelo; Ferrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel 202110.9781/ijimai.2021.04.003International Journal Of Interactive Multimedia And Artificial Intelligence [1989-1660],2,561Q2Artículoip2021_04_03.pdf.jpg