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2018Who is really talking? a visual-based speaker diarization strategyMarín-Reyes, Pedro A.; Lorenzo-Navarro, Javier ; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Sánchez-Nielsen, ElenaActas de congresos
2018Automatic counting and classification of microplastic particlesLorenzo-Navarro, Javier ; Castrillon-Santana, Modesto ; Gómez, May ; Herrera, Alicia ; Marín-Reyes, Pedro A.Actas de congresosAutomaticcounting.pdf.jpg
2019AveroBot: an audio-visual dataset for people re-identification and verification in human-robot interactionMarras, Mirko; Marín-Reyes, Pedro A.; Lorenzo Navarro, José Javier ; Castrillón Santana, Modesto Fernando ; Fenu, GianniActas de congresos
2020Deep multi-biometric fusion for audio-visual user re-identification and verificationMarras, Mirko; Marín-Reyes, Pedro A.; Lorenzo-Navarro, Javier ; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Fenu, GianniActas de congresos