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A single promoter directs both housekeeping and erythroid preferential expression of the human ferrochelatase geneTugores, Antonio ; Magness, Scott T.; Brenner, David A.1994Journal of Biological Chemistry[ISSN 0021-9258],v. 269, p. 30789-30797Artículo
Deletion of the ferrochelatase gene in a patient with protoporphyriaMagness, Scott T.; Tugores, Antonio ; Christensen, Steven R.; Wagner-mcpherson, Caryn; Evans, Glen A., et al199410.1093/hmg/3.9.1695Human Molecular Genetics[ISSN 0964-6906],v. 3, p. 1695-1697Comentario
Analysis of the human ferrochelatase promoter in transgenic miceMagness, Scott T.; Tugores, Antonio ; Diala, Edward S.; Brenner, David A.1998Blood[ISSN 0006-4971],v. 92, p. 320-3288,372Q1Artículo
Analysis of ferrochelatase expression during hematopoietic development of embryonic stem cellsMagness, Scott T.; Tugores, Antonio ; Brenner, David A.2000Blood[ISSN 0006-4971],v. 95, p. 3568-35778,977Q1Artículo