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2018Returning to work after childbirth in Europe: well-being, work-life balance, and the interplay of supervisor supportLucia-Casademunt, Ana M.; García-Cabrera, Antonia M. ; Padilla-Angulo, Laura; Cuéllar-Molina, Deybbi ArtículoReturning_to_work.pdf.jpg
2018Is the institutional environment a challenge for the well-being of female managers in Europe? The mediating effect of work-life balance and role clarity practices in the workplaceCuéllar-Molina, Deybbi ; García-Cabrera, Antonia M. ; Lucia-Casademunt, Ana M.ArtículoIs_institutional_environment_challenge.pdf.jpg
2018Negative work-family/family-work spillover and well-being across Europe in the hospitality industry: The role of perceived supervisor supportGarcía-Cabrera, Antonia M. ; Lucia-Casademunt, Ana M.; Cuéllar-Molina, Deybbi ; Padilla-Angulo, LauraArtículo
2018The role of human resource practices and managers in the development of well-being: Cultural differences in the changing workplaceLucia-Casademunt, Ana M.; Cuéllar Molina, Deybbi ; García Cabrera, Antonia Mercedes Artículo
2018Institutions and human resource practices in European countriesGarcía Cabrera, Antonia Mercedes ; Lucia-Casademunt, Ana M.; Cuéllar Molina, Deybbi Artículo