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1989Monoclonal-Antibody Characterization Of Progesterone Receptors, Estrogen-Receptors And The Stress-Responsive Protein Of 27-Kda (Srp27) In Human Uterine LeiomyomaNavarro, D; Cabrera, Jj ; Falcon, O; Jimenez, P; Ruiz, A; Chirino, R; Lopez, A; Rivero, Jf; Diazchico, Jc ; Diazchico, Bn 
1995[H-3] Dexamethasone Binding-Activity In Liver-Microsomes Is Modulated Differently By 17-Alpha-Alkylated Androgens And Testosterone In-VivoFernandez, L; Boada, Ld ; Luzardo, Op ; Zumbado, M ; Lopez, A; Diazchico, Bn ; Chirino, R