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2003Influence of haemoglobin concentration and peripheral muscle pO<inf>2</inf> on tumour oxygenation in advanced head and neck tumoursClavo, Bernardino ; Pérez, Juan L.; López, Laura; Suárez, Gerardo; Lloret, Marta, et alActas de congresos
2003Effect of ozone therapy on muscle oxygenationClavo, Bernardino ; Fiuza, Dolores; Robaina, Francisco; Günderoth, Martina; Pérez, Juan L., et alArtículo
2003Increased locoregional blood flow in brain tumors after cervical spinal cord stimulationClavo, Bernardino ; Robaina, Francisco; Catalá, Luis; Valcárcel, Benilde; Morera, Jesus, et alArtículo
2009Severe hypoxia induces chemo-resistance in clinical cervical tumors through MVP over-expressionLara, Pedro C.; Lloret, Marta; Clavo, Bernardino ; Apolinario, Rosa M. ; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis , et alArtículo1748-717X-4-29.pdf.jpg
2009Modification of glucose metabolism in radiation-induced brain injury areas using cervical spinal cord stimulationClavo, Bernardino ; Robaina, Francisco; Montz, Ricardo; Carames, Miguel A. ; Lloret, Marta, et alArtículo
2010Amifostine modulates radio-induced apoptosis of peripheral blood lymphocytes in head and neck cancer patientsSaavedra, Maite M.; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Lara, Pedro C.; Pinar, Beatriz; Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos , et alArtículo
2011BCL-2, in combination with MVP and IGF-1R expression, improves prediction of clinical outcome in complete response cervical carcinoma patients treated by radiochemotherapyHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Lloret, Marta; Pinar, Beatriz; Bordón, Elisa ; Rey, Agustín, et alArtículo
2011IGF-1R expression predicts clinical outcome in patients with locally advanced oral squamous cell carcinomaLara, Pedro C.; Bordón, Elisa ; Rey, Agustín; Moreno, Mercedes; Lloret, Marta, et alArtículo
2012Role of IGF-1 receptor in radiation responseValenciano, Almudena; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Moreno, Mercedes; Lloret, Marta; Lara, Pedro CarlosReseña
2012Prediction of normal tissue toxicity as part of the individualized treatment with radiotherapy in oncology patientsHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Bordón, Elisa ; Pinar, Beatriz; Lloret, Marta; Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos , et alReseña
2013High-throughput genotyping system as a robust and useful tool in oncology: Experience from a single institutionHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Valenciano, Almudena; Herrera-Ramos, Estefanía; Lloret, Marta; Riveros-Perez, Alba, et alArtículo