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2009Is there much variation in variation?: revisiting statistics of small area variation in health services researchIbá̃ez, Berta; Librero, Julián; Bernal-Delgado, Enrique; Peiró, Salvador; Gonzalez Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz , et alArtículo
2011Are prescribing doctors sensitive to the price that their patients have to pay in the Spanish National Health System?González Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz ; Librero, Julián; Sanfélix-Gimeno, Gabriel; Peiró, SalvadorArtículo1472-6963-11-333.pdf.jpg
2014Suicides, hurricanes and economic crisisLibrero, Julián; Segura, Andreu; González Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz ComentarioSuicides_hurricanes_economic_crisis.pdf.jpg
2015Rationale and study design for an individualized perioperative open lung ventilatory strategy (iPROVE): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialFerrando, Carlos; Soro, Marina; Canet, Jaume; Unzueta, Ma Carmen; Suárez, Fernando, et alArtículorationale_study_design.pdf.jpg
2018Individualised perioperative open-lung approach versus standard protective ventilation in abdominal surgery (iPROVE): a randomised controlled trialFerrando, Carlos; Soro, Marina; Unzueta, Carmen; Suarez-Sipmann, Fernando; Canet, Jaume, et alArtículo
2020A noninvasive postoperative clinical score to identify patients at risk for postoperative pulmonary complications: the Air-Test ScoreFerrando, Carlos; Suárez-Sipmann, Fernando; Librero, Julián; Pozo, Natividad; Soro, Marina, et alArtículo
2020Effects of oxygen on post-surgical infections during an individualised perioperative open-lung ventilatory strategy: a randomised controlled trialFerrando, Carlos; Aldecoa, César; Unzueta, Carmen; Belda, F. Javier; Librero, Julián, et alArtículo