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Double bounded survival values for preserving the landscape of natural parksLeon, CJ1996Journal Of Environmental Management[ISSN 0301-4797],v. 46 (2), p. 103-118Artículo
Management strategies for gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) cultivation in floating cages in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic OceanGasca-Leyva, E; Leon, CJ; Hernandez, JM 2003Open Ocean Aquaculture: From Research To Commercial Reality, p. 341-351Artículo
Bioeconomic analysis of the impact of location on gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) cultivationGasca-Leyva, E; Leon, CJ; Hernandez, JM ; Vergara, JM2003Open Ocean Aquaculture: From Research To Commercial Reality, p. 325-339Artículo
Single or double bounded contingent valuation? A Bayesian testLeon, R; Leon, CJ200310.1111/1467-9485.5002004Scottish Journal Of Political Economy[ISSN 0036-9292],v. 50 (2), p. 174-1880,385Q3Artículo
Altruism and the economic values of environmental and social policiesRodriguez, MXV; Leon, CJ200410.1023/B:EARE.0000029919.95464.0bEnvironmental & Resource Economics[ISSN 0924-6460],v. 28 (2), p. 233-2490,616Q2Artículo
Authenticating Chinese medicinal plants on the UK market: Issues, needs and developmentsLeon, CJ; Simmonds, MSJ; Lin, YL; Zhang, B; Chen, S2006Drug Safety[ISSN 0114-5916],v. 29 (4), p. 347-3473,673Q1Artículo