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1997Overexpression of p53 in transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis and ureter relation to tumor proliferation and survivalRey, Agustín; Lara, Pedro C.; Redondo, Elena; Valdés, Estíbaliz; Apolinario, Rosa Artículo
1998The role of Ki67 proliferation assessment in predicting local control in bladder cancer patients treated by radical radiation therapyLara, Pedro C.; Rey, Agustin; Santana, Carlos; Afonso, Juan L.; Diaz, Jose M., et alArtículo
2007Serum levels of insulin-like growth factor-I in relation to organochlorine pesticides exposureBoada, Luis D. ; Lara, Pedro C.; Álvarez-León, Eva E.; Losada, Antonio; Zumbado, Manuel L. , et alArtículo
2009Severe hypoxia induces chemo-resistance in clinical cervical tumors through MVP over-expressionLara, Pedro C.; Lloret, Marta; Clavo, Bernardino ; Apolinario, Rosa M. ; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis , et alArtículo1748-717X-4-29.pdf.jpg
2009The GGN and CAG repeat polymorphisms in the exon-1 of the androgen receptor gene are, respectively, associated with insulin resistance in men and with dyslipidemia in womenRodríguez-González, Germán; Ramírez Moreno, Raquel ; Pérez, Patricia; Bilbao, Cristina ; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículo
2010Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) serum concentrations in healthy children and adolescents: Relationship to level of contamination by DDT-derivative pesticidesZumbado, Manuel ; Luzardo, Octavio P. ; Lara, Pedro C.; Álvarez-León, Eva E.; Losada, Antonio, et alArtículo
2010Amifostine modulates radio-induced apoptosis of peripheral blood lymphocytes in head and neck cancer patientsSaavedra, Maite M.; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Lara, Pedro C.; Pinar, Beatriz; Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos , et alArtículo
2011IGF-1R expression predicts clinical outcome in patients with locally advanced oral squamous cell carcinomaLara, Pedro C.; Bordón, Elisa ; Rey, Agustín; Moreno, Mercedes; Lloret, Marta, et alArtículo
2012Prediction of normal tissue toxicity as part of the individualized treatment with radiotherapy in oncology patientsHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Bordón, Elisa ; Pinar, Beatriz; Lloret, Marta; Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos , et alReseña
2012In vitro synergistic interaction between DTA0100 and radiation in human cancercell linesBordón Rodríguez, Elisa de los Reyes ; León, Leticia G.; Ríos-Luci, Carla; Lara, Pedro C.; Padrón, José M.Artículo
2012The relationship between Dioxin-like polychlorobiphenyls and IGF-I serum levels in healthy adults: Evidence from a cross-sectional studyLuzardo, Octavio P. ; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Valerón, Pilar F. ; Lara, Pedro C.; Almeida-González, Maira , et alArtículo
2013Reply to the Letter to the Editor from Foray and Colin, entitled 'Relationship between radiosensitivity, initial DNA damage, apoptosis and gene expression: Between reproducible works and technical artefacts'. Genetics are essential in the response of normal tissues to radiationHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Lara, Pedro C.Comentario
2013Common genomic signaling among initial DNA damage and radiation-induced apoptosis in peripheral blood lymphocytes from locally advanced breast cancer patientsHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Pinar, Beatriz; Carmona-Vigo, Ruth; Bordón, Elisa ; Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos , et alArtículo
2013Polymorphisms in DNA-Repair Genes in a Cohort of Prostate Cancer Patients from Different Areas in Spain: Heterogeneity between Populations as a Confounding Factor in Association StudiesHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Valenciano, Almudena; Foro-Arnalot, Palmira; Álvarez-Cubero, María Jesús; Cozar, José Manuel, et alArtículoPolymorphisms_in_DNA-Repair_Genes.PDF.jpg
2013High-throughput genotyping system as a robust and useful tool in oncology: Experience from a single institutionHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Valenciano, Almudena; Herrera-Ramos, Estefanía; Lloret, Marta; Riveros-Perez, Alba, et alArtículo
2014Single nucleotide polymorphisms in DNA repair genes as risk factors associated to prostate cancer progressionHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Valenciano, Almudena; Foro-Arnalot, Palmira; álvarez-Cubero, María Jesús; Cozar, José Manuel, et alArtículoSingle_nucleotide_polymorphisms.pdf.jpg
2015Genetic variations in genes involved in testosterone metabolism are associated with prostate cancer progression: A Spanish multicenter studyHenríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Valenciano, Almudena; Foro-Arnalot, Palmira; Álvarez-Cubero, María Jesús; Cozar, José Manuel, et alArtículo
2019Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy combined with immune checkpoint inhibitors reboots the immune response assisted by immunotherapy in metastatic lung cancer: A systematic reviewChicas-Sett, Rodolfo; Morales-Orue, Ignacio; Castilla-Martinez, Juan; Zafra-Martin, Juan; Kannemann, Andrea, et alReseñaijms-20-02173.pdf.jpg
2019LXR Signaling Regulates Macrophage Survival and Inflammation in Response to Ionizing RadiationTabraue, Carlos ; Lara, Pedro C.; De Mirecki-Garrido, Mercedes ; De La Rosa, Juan Vladimir ; López-Blanco, Félix , et alArtículo
2020Adjuvant radiotherapy for low-risk early breast cancer in elderly women: Evidence from randomized trialsBurgos-Burgos, Javier; Pinar Sedeño, María Beatriz ; García-Cabrera, Laura; Rodríguez-Ibarria, Nieves; Cabezón-Pons, Auxiliadora, et alReseña