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2009Biomarcadores en los síndromes coronarios agudos con y sin elevación del STMartínez Quintana, Efrén ; Rodríguez-González, Fayna; Cuba-Herrera, Javiel; Bosch-Benítez, Elvira; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículo
2009The GGN and CAG repeat polymorphisms in the exon-1 of the androgen receptor gene are, respectively, associated with insulin resistance in men and with dyslipidemia in womenRodríguez-González, Germán; Ramírez Moreno, Raquel ; Pérez, Patricia; Bilbao, Cristina ; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículo
2010HDL cholesterol levels in children with mild hypercholesterolemia: Effect of consuming skim milk enriched with olive oil and modulation by the TAQ 1B polymorphism in the CETP geneEstévez-González, María Dolores ; Saavedra-Santana, Pedro; López-Ríos, Laura; Chirino, Ricardo ; Cebrero-García, Elena, et alArtículo
2010Differences in cardiovascular risk profile of diabetic subjects discordantly classified by diagnostic criteria based on glycated hemoglobin and oral glucose tolerance testBoronat, Mauro ; Saavedra, Pedro; López-Ríos, Laura; Riaño, Marta; Ẅagner, Ana M. , et alArtículo
2011Interaction between Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein and Hepatic Lipase Encoding Genes and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the Telde StudyLópez-Ríos, Laura; Nóvoa, Francisco J.; Chirino Godoy, Ricardo ; Varillas, Francisco; Boronat Cortés, Mauro , et alArtículoInteraction_between_Cholesteryl.PDF.jpg
2011Effect of omega-3 acids on clinical evolution, plasma inflammatory biomarkers and B-type natriuretic peptide levels in patients with coronary heart diseaseMartínez Quintana, Efrén ; Rodríguez-González, Fayna; Torres-Fuentes, Estrella; López-Ríos, Laura; Nieto-Lago, VicenteArtículo
2014Prognostic value of ACE I/D, AT1R A1166C, PAI-I 4G/5G and GPIIIa a1/a2 polymorphisms in myocardial infarctionMartínez Quintana, Efrén ; Chirino Godoy, Ricardo ; Nieto-Lago, Vicente; Pérez-Jiménez, Patricia; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículo
2014Non-albuminuric renal disease among subjects with advanced stages of chronic kidney failure related to type 2 diabetes mellitusBoronat, Mauro ; García-Cantón, César ; Quevedo, Virginia; Lorenzo, Dionisio L. ; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículo
2014Potential implications of the choice among three alternative treatment targets for apolipoprotein B100 in the management of patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney diseaseBoronat, Mauro ; García-Cantón, César ; López-Ríos, Laura; Quevedo, Virginia; Lorenzo, Dionisio L. , et alArtículo
2015Design, construction, and implementation of an online platform for patients with type 1 diabetes: EncoDiabAlvarado-Martel, Dácil ; Cañas, Francesca; Velasco, Rebeca; Alcubierre, Nuria; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículoDesign, construction, and implementation.pdf.jpg
2015The specific relationship between vitamin D deficiency and diabetic nephropathy among patients with advanced chronic kidney disease: A cross-sectional study in Gran Canaria, SpainSánchez-Hernández, Rosa M.; García-Cantón, César ; Lorenzo, Dionisio L. ; Virginia, Quevedo; Bosch, Elvira, et alArtículo
2016Prevalence and determinants of the metabolic syndrome among subjects with advanced nondiabetes-related chronic kidney disease in Gran Canaria, SpainBoronat, Mauro ; Bosch, Elvira; Lorenzo, Dionisio ; Quevedo, Virginia; López-Ríos, Laura, et alArtículo