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Modelling lifestyle aspects influencing the residential load-curveHauser, Wolfgang; Évora Gómez, José ; Kremers, Enrique201210.7148/2012-0058-0063Proceedings - 26th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, ECMS 2012 / edited by: K. G. Troitzsch, M. Moehring, U. Lotzmann, p. 58-63, (Diciembre 2012)Actas de congresosModelling_lifestyle_aspects.pdf.jpg
Criticality in complex socio-technical systems. An empirical approachViejo, Pablo; De Durana, José González; Barambones, Óscar; Hernández-Tejera, Francisco Mario ; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan , et al2015Emergence : Complexity and Organization [ISSN 1521-3250], v. 17 (2), p. 1-80,257Q3ArtículoCriticality_complex_socio-technical.pdf.jpg
Action horizon: on the controllability of complex systems, moving towards management for energy systemsHernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Évora Gómez, José ; Kremers, Enrique; Schäuble, Johannes201510.5445/IR/1000052995Proceedings of the 2015 Workshop on Complex Systems Modelling and Simulation (CoSMoS), 20-24 July, 2015, York, UK. / S. Stepney (Ed.), p. 67-84Actas de congresosaction_horizon _on_controllability_compex.pdf.jpg
Swarm intelligence for frequency management in smart gridsEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario ; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Kurasova, Olga, et al201510.15388/Informatica.2015.56Informatica (Netherlands) [ISSN 0868-4952], v. 26 (3), p. 419-4340,463Q11,386Q1ArtículoSwarm_intelligence_frequency.pdf.jpg
Experimenting with Matryoshka co-simulation: building parallel and hierarchical FMUsGaltier, Virginie; Ianotto, Michel; Caujolle, Mathieu; Corniglion, Rémi; Tavella, Jean-Philippe, et al201710.3384/ecp17132663Proceedings of the 12th International Modelica Conference / Andreas Nicolai; Anne Paepcke (ed.), May 15-17, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. p. 663-671Actas de congresosExperimenting_Matryoshka_Co-Simulation.pdf.jpg
Daccosim NG: co-simulation made simpler and fasterEvora Gomez,Jose ; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Tavella, Jean-Philippe; Vialle, Stéphane; Kremers, Enrique, et al201910.3384/ecp19157785Proceedings of the 13th International Modelica Conference, Regensburg, Germany, March 4–6, 2019, v. 157, p. 785-794Actas de congresosDaccosim_NG.pdf.jpg