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2008How we will produce the evidence-based EURRECA toolkit to support nutrition and food policyAshwell, Margaret; Lambert, Janet P.; Alles, Martine S.; Branca, Francesco; Bucchini, Luca, et alReseña
2010The nutritional requirements of infants. Towards EU alignment of reference values: The EURRECA networkHermoso, Maria; Tabacchi, Garden; Iglesia-Altaba, Iris; Bel-Serrat, Silvia; Moreno-Aznar, Luis A., et alArtículo
2010Physiological and public health basis for assessing micronutrient requirements in children and adolescents. The EURRECA networkIglesia, Iris; Doets, Esmée L.; Bel-Serrat, Silvia; Román, Blanca; Hermoso, Maria, et alArtículo
2010Critical issues in setting micronutrient recommendations for pregnant women: An insightBerti, Cristiana; Decsi, Tamás; Dykes, Fiona; Hermoso, Maria; Koletzko, Berthold, et alArtículo