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Patterns of landscape and assemblage structure along a latitudinal gradient in ocean climateTuya, Fernando ; Cacabelos, Eva; Duarte, Pedro; Jacinto, David; Castro, Joao J. , et al201210.3354/meps09941Marine Ecology Progress Series [ISSN 0171-8630], v. 466, p. 9-191,681Q12,546Q1ArtículoPatterns_landscape_assemblage.pdf.jpg
Effects of loss of algal canopies along temperature and irradiation gradients in continental Portugal and the Canary IslandsBertocci, I.; Seabra, M. I.; Dominguez, R.; Jacinto, D.; Ramírez Cañada,Rubén , et al201410.3354/meps10785Marine Ecology Progress Series [ISSN 0171-8630], v. 506, p. 47-601,494Q12,619Q1ArtículoEffects_loss_algal.pdf.jpg
Herbivory drives kelp recruits into 'hiding' in a warm ocean climateFranco, João N.; Wernberg, Thomas; Bertocci, Iacopo; Duarte, Pedro; Jacinto, David, et al201510.3354/meps11445Marine Ecology Progress Series [ISSN 0171-8630], v. 536, p. 1-91,552Q12,361Q1Artículoherbivorydriveskelp.pdf.jpg
Spatial and temporal variation of kelp forests and associated macroalgal assemblages along the Portuguese coastPinho, Daniela; Bertocci, Iacopo; Arenas, Francisco; Franco, João N.; Jacinto, David, et al201610.1071/MF14318Marine and Freshwater Research[ISSN 1323-1650],v. 67, p. 113-1220,711Q21,757Q2Actas de congresos
Modulation of different kelp life stages by herbivory: compensatory growth versus population decimationFranco, João N.; Wernberg, T.; Bertocci, Iacopo; Jacinto, David; Maranhão, Paulo, et al201710.1007/s00227-017-3196-8Marine Biology [ISSN 0025-3162], v. 164 (8), article number 1641,085Q12,215Q2Artículo