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2018Effect of a community-based childhood obesity intervention program on changes in anthropometric variables, incidence of obesity, and lifestyle choices in Spanish children aged 8 to 10 yearsGómez, Santiago Felipe; Casas Esteve, Rafael; Subirana, Isaac; Serra-Majem, Lluis ; Fletas Torrent, Marta, et alArtículo
2020Study protocol of a population-based cohort investigating Physical Activity, Sedentarism, lifestyles and Obesity in Spanish youth: the PASOS studyGómez Santos, Santiago Felipe; Homs, Clara; Wärnberg, Julia; Medrano, Maria; Gonzalez-Gross, Marcela, et alArtículoStudy_protocol_population.pdf.jpg
2021Heterogeneous contributions of change in population distribution of body mass index to change in obesity and underweightIurilli, Maria L.C.; Zhou, Bin; Bennett, James E.; Carrillo-Larco, Rodrigo M.; Sophiea, Marisa K., et alArtículo