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2008Improvement of intradialytic arrhytmias after combined conductivity and ultrafiltration profiling without secondary overhydrationMolina Ordás, A.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández, M. J.; Luis, R.; Heras Benito, M.Comentario
2008Management of perioperative bleeding in renal patientsHeras Benito, M.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes, M. J.; Isabel Díez Lobo, A.Comentario
2009Anxious depression as cause of hypertension that is difficult to control with antihypertensive agentsHeras Benito, M.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández Reyes, M. J.; Molina, Á; Álvarez-Ude, F.Artículo
2010Hemodialysis 4 days a week: An effective alternative for controlling blood pressure and reaching target weight after dialysisMolina Ordas, A.; Rodríguez Gómez, M. A.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes Luis, M. J.; Heras Benito, M., et alComentario