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On the population ecology of the zebra seabream Diplodus cervinus cervinus (Lowe 1838) from the coasts of the Canarian archipelago, North West AfricaPajuelo, José G. ; Lorenzo, José M. ; Domínguez, Rosa; Ramos, A. ; Gregoire, Muriel200310.1023/A:1025847401323Environmental Biology of Fishes [ISSN 0378-1909], v. 67, p. 407-4160,883Q3Artículo
Age and growth of the bastard grunt (Pomadasys incisus : Haemulidae) inhabiting the Canarian archipelago, Northwest AfricaLorenzo Nespereira, José María ; Gonzalez-Pajuelo, Jose Mario ; Gregoire, Muriel2003Fishery Bulletin [ISSN 0090-0656], v. 101 (4), p. 851-859, (Octubre 2003)0,681Q3Artículo4843.pdf.jpg
Life history of Pomadasys incisus (Osteichthyes : Haemulidae) in the Canarian ArchipelagoPajuelo, José G. ; Lorenzo, José M. ; Domínguez-Seoane, Rosa; Gregoire, Muriel200310.3989/scimar.2003.67n2241Scientia Marina[ISSN 0214-8358],v. 67, p. 241-2480,635Q4Artículo505.pdf.jpg