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2016Influence of pansharpening techniques in obtaining accurate vegetation thematic mapsIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier ; Gonzalo-Martin, ConsueloActas de congresos
2017Evaluation of dimensionality reduction techniques in hyperspectral imagery and their application for the classification of terrestrial ecosystemsIbarrola-Ulzurrun, E. ; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo-Martin, ConsueloActas de congresos
2017Increasing the UAV data value by an OBIA methodologyGarcia-Pedrero, Ángel; Lillo-Saavedra, M.; Rodriguez-Esparragon, Dionisio ; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Alejandro ; Gonzalo-Martin, ConsueloActas de congresos
2017Object-based quality evaluation procedure for fused remote sensing imageryRodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Marcello, Javier ; Eugenio González, Francisco ; Garcia-Pedrero, Ángel; Gonzalo-Martin, ConsueloArtículo
2017PET-CT image fusion using random forest and à-trous wavelet transformSeal, Ayan; Bhattacharjee, Debotosh; Nasipuri, Mita; Rodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Menasalvas, Ernestina, et alArtículo
2017A random forest and superpixels approach to sharpen thermal infrared satellite imageryLillo-Saavedra, Mario; Garcia-Pedrero, Ángel; Rodriguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Gonzalo-Martin, ConsueloActas de congresos