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New Sources Of Natural Coumarins .27. Preliminary Study Of Coumarins And Alkaloids From Ruta-Bracteosa DcGonzalez, Ag; Estevezr.R; Diazchic.E1974Anales De Quimica [ISSN 1130-2283], v. 70 (3), p. 281-282, (1974)Artículo
Components Of Umbellifera .2. Study Of Astydamia-Canariensis DcGonzalez, Ag; Estevezr.R; Baezaren.J; Perezper.J; Ruanoper.T1974Anales De Quimica [ISSN 1130-2283], v. 70 (3), p. 286-288, (1974)Artículo
Constituents Of The Compositae .45. Phenolic Derivatives From Artemisia-GlutinosaGonzalez, Ag; Bermejo, J; Estevez, F ; Velazquez, R1983Phytochemistry[ISSN 0031-9422],v. 22 (6), p. 1515-1516Artículo
Sesquiterpene Lactones From Centaurea SpeciesGonzalez, Ag; Barrera, Jb; Garcia, Tz; Rosas, Fe1984Phytochemistry[ISSN 0031-9422],v. 23 (9), p. 2071-2072Artículo
Eudesmane Sesquiterpenes From Eupatorium-QuadrangulareGonzalez, Ag; Barrera, Jb; Hernandez, Acy; Rosas, Fe; Dominguez, Xa1985Phytochemistry[ISSN 0031-9422],v. 24 (8), p. 1847-1848Artículo
Guaianolides From Taeckholmia SpeciesGonzalez, Ag; Barrera, Jb; Acosta, Jc; Rosas, Fe1985Phytochemistry[ISSN 0031-9422],v. 24 (6), p. 1383-1384Artículo
Structure Of 2 Eudesmanolides, Morifolin-A And Morifolin-BGonzalez, Ag; Barrera, Jb; Hernandez, Ay; Rosas, Fe; Dominguez, Xa1985Heterocycles[ISSN 0385-5414],v. 23 (7), p. 1601-1602Artículo
Thymol Derivatives From Schizogyne-GlaberrimaGonzalez, Ag; Barrera, Jb; Rosas, Fe; Hernandez, Acy; Espineira, J, et al1986Phytochemistry[ISSN 0031-9422],v. 25 (12), p. 2889-2891Artículo