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Maternal obesity in early pregnancy and risk of adverse outcomesBautista-Castaño, Inmaculada ; Henriquez-Sanchez, Patricia ; Alemán-Pérez, Nestor; García-Salvador, J.J.; González-Quesada, A., et al201310.1371/journal.pone.0080410PLOS One [ISSN 1932-6203],v. 8 (11), e80410; To assess the role of the health consequences of maternal overweight and obesity at the start of pregnancy on gestational pathologies, delivery and newborn characteristics. A cohort of pregnant women (n = 6.558) having delivered at the Maternal & Child University Hospital of Gran Canaria (HUMIGC) in 2008 has been studied. Outcomes were compared using multivariate analyses controlling for confounding variables.1,74Q13,534Q1Artículomaternal_obesity_early_pregnancy.pdf.jpg
Image Gallery: Metachronic occurrence of primary cutaneous marginal zone B-cell lymphoma and primary cutaneous Rosai–Dorfman disease in the same patientGonzález-Quesada, A.; Bastida, J.; Rivero-Vera, J. C.; Piris-Pinilla, M. A.; Limeres-González, M. A. 201710.1111/bjd.16036British Journal of Dermatology[ISSN 0007-0963],v. 177, p. e3552,166Q16,129Q1Comentario