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Muscle blood flow is reduced with dehydration during prolonged exercise in humansGonzález-Alonso, J.; Calbet, JAL ; Nielsen, Bodil199810.1111/j.1469-7793.1998.895ba.xJournal Of Physiology [ISSN 0022-3751],v. 513 (3), p. 895-9054,727Q1ArtículoMuscle_blood_flow.pdf.jpg
Metabolic and thermodynamic responses to dehydration-induced reductions in muscle blood flow in exercising humansGonzález-Alonso, J.; Calbet, José A.L. ; Nielsen, Bodil199910.1111/j.1469-7793.1999.00577.xJournal of Physiology[ISSN 0022-3751],v. 520, p. 577-5894,552Q1ArtículoMetabolic_and_thermodynamic_responses.pdf.jpg
Reductions in systemic and skeletal muscle blood flow and oxygen delivery limit maximal aerobic capacity in humansGonzález-Alonso, J.; Calbet, JAL 200310.1161/01.CIR.0000049746.29175.3FCirculation[ISSN 0009-7322],v. 107 (6), p. 824-830ArtículoReductions_in _systemic.pdf.jpg
Skeletal muscle mitochondrial DNA content in exercising humansMarcuello, A.; González-Alonso, J.; Calbet, José A.L. ; Lopez-Perez, M.; Diez-Sanchez, C., et al200510.1152/japplphysiol.00289.2005Journal of Applied Physiology [ISSN 8750-7587] ,v. 99 (4), p. 1372-1377, (Octubre 2005)3,037Q1ArtículoSkeletal_muscle_mitochondrial.pdf.jpg
Cardiac output and leg and arm blood flow during incremental exercise to exhaustion on the cycle ergometerCalbet, Jose A. L. ; González-Alonso, J.; Helge, J.; Sondergaard, H.; Munch-Andersen, Thor, et al200710.1152/japplphysiol.01281.2006Journal Of Applied Physiology[ISSN 8750-7587],v. 103 (3), p. 969-9783,632Q1ArtículoCardiac_output.pdf.jpg
International Olympic Committee consensus statement on thermoregulatory and altitude challenges for high-level athletesBergeron, M. F.; Bahr, R.; Bärtsch, P.; Bourdon, L.; Calbet, J. A. L. , et al201210.1136/bjsports-2012-091296British Journal Of Sports Medicine[ISSN 0306-3674],v. 46 (11), p. 770-7791,908Q13,668Q1Reseña
Central and peripheral hemodynamics in exercising humans: Leg vs arm exerciseCalbet, J. A. L. ; González-Alonso, J.; Helge, J. W.; Søndergaard, H.; Munch-Andersen, T., et al201510.1111/sms.12604Scandinavian Journal Of Medicine & Science In Sports[ISSN 0905-7188],v. 25, p. 144-1571,283Q13,025Q1Artículo