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1993Does oligosaccharide‐phosphatidylinositol (glycosyl‐phosphatidylinositol) hydrolysis mediate prolactin signal transduction in granulosa cells?Fanjul, Luisa F. ; Marrero, Isabel ; González, Juan; Quintana, José ; Santana, Pino, et alArtículo
1993Inhibition of Steroidogenesis in Neonatal Leydig Cells by Unknown Factor(s) Present in Spent Media of Androgen‐treated Cultured Testicular Cells from Adult RatsFanjul, L. F. ; González, Juan; Quintana, Jose J. ; Santana, Pino; Hernández, Inmaculada , et alArtículoj.1939-4640.1993.tb03252.x.pdf.jpg
2006Impact of end-stage renal disease care in planned dialysis start and type of renal replacement therapy - A Spanish multicentre experienceMarrón, Belén; Ortiz, Alberto; de Sequera, Patricia; Martín-Reyes, Guillermo; de Arriba, Gabriel, et alArtículo