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1995Histochemical and morphometric study of fibrilar population in diaphragm muscle .1. Horse and dogSandoval, JA; Gil, F; Arencibia, A ; Ayala, I; Vazquez, YJM
1995The Larval Development Of Lateral Musculature In Gilthead Sea Bream Sparus-Aurata And Sea Bass Dicentrarchus-LabraxRamirezzarzosa, G; Gil, F; Latorre, R; Ortega, A; Garciaalcaraz, A; Abellan, E; Vazquez, Jm; Lopezalbors, O; Arencibia, A ; Moreno, F
1997Anatomo-radiological correlation of the head of a goat (Capra hircus L.)Arencibia, A ; Vazquez, JM; RamirezGonzalez, JA; Moreno, F; Gil, F; Latorre, R; RamirezZarzosa, G; Sandoval, JA; SosaPerez, C
2006Correlation of magnetic with anatomic features resonance images of the equine tarsusLatorre, R; Arencibia, A ; Gil, F; Rivero, M; Henry, RW; Ramirez, G; Vaquez, JM