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2015Automatic identification of shrub vegetation of the Teide National ParkGarcia-Pedrero, Angel; Rodriguez-Esparragon, Dionisio ; Ibarrola, Edurne; Lillo-Saavedra, Mario; Marcello, Javier , et alActas de congresos
2015An object approach to the assessment of the spatial quality of pan-sharpened remote sensing imagesRodriguez-Esparragon, Dionisio ; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier ; Garcia-Pedrero, Angel; Eugenio González, Francisco ; Gonzalo-Martin, Consuelo Actas de congresos
2017An approximated box height for Differential-Box-Counting method to estimate fractal dimensions of gray-scale imagesPanigrahy, Chinmaya; Garcia-Pedrero, Angel; Seal, Ayan; Rodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Mahato, Nihar Kumar, et alArtículoAn_Approximated_Box_Height_Differential.pdf.jpg
2017A superpixel-based approach based on consensus for delineating agricultural plotsGarcia-Pedrero, Angel; Gonzalo Martin,Consuelo ; Lillo-Saavedra, Mario; Rodriguez-Esparragon, Dionisio Actas de congresos
2018The outlining of agricultural plots based on spatiotemporal consensus segmentationGarcia-Pedrero, Angel; Gonzalo-Martín, Consuelo; Lillo-Saavedra, Mario; Rodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio Artículo