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Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus infection in risk groups. Our experienceGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut, A.; Muñoz Bellido, J. L.1987Medicina Clinica[ISSN 0025-7753],v. 89, p. 483Comentario
Cryptosporidiosis in an AIDS patient not in any risk groupGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut, A.; Moraleda, J. M.1988Revista Clinica Espanola[ISSN 0014-2565],v. 182, p. 58-59Comentario
Serological diagnosis of hydatidosis. A study of 2 screening testsGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; García Luis, E. J.; García García, J.; Rodríguez, J. M., et al1988Medicina Clinica[ISSN 0025-7753],v. 90, p. 686-689Artículo
Systematic serological sieve against cytomegalovirus in pregnant womenGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut Blasco, A.; Muñoz Criado, S.1989Medicina Clinica[ISSN 0025-7753],v. 92, p. 319Comentario
The seroepidemiology of Cryptosporidium species in different population groups in SpainGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut, A.; García Luis, E.198910.1016/0888-0786(89)90054-1Serodiagnosis and Immunotherapy in Infectious Disease[ISSN 0888-0786],v. 3, p. 367-373Artículo
The incidence of cryptosporidiosis in children: A one-year prospective survey in a general hospital in SpainGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martin Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut Blasco, A.; Cedeño Montaño, J.; De Pedro, M. I.Heras198910.1007/BF00145048European Journal of Epidemiology[ISSN 0392-2990],v. 5, p. 70-73Artículo
Incidence of Cryptosporidium sp in patients treated in a general hospital. Technics for the identification of oocysts in fecesGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut Blasco, A.; García Luis, E. J.; Luna Rodrigo, G.1989Medicina Clinica[ISSN 0025-7753],v. 93, p. 164-168Artículo
The prevalence of Cryptosporidium species in children in day care centres and primary schools in Salamanca (Spain) : An epidemiological studyGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín-Sánchez, A. M. ; Blasco, A. Canut; Luis, E. J.García199010.1007/BF00151721European Journal of Epidemiology[ISSN 0392-2990],v. 6, p. 432-435Artículo
Epidemiology and clinical significance of Blastocystis hominis in different population groups in Salamanca (Spain)Martín-Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut-Blasco, A.; Rodriguez-Hernandez, J.; Montes-Martínez, I.; García-Rodríguez, J. A.199210.1007/BF00146376European Journal of Epidemiology[ISSN 0392-2990],v. 8, p. 553-559Artículo
Streptococcus pneumoniae in community-acquired respiratory tract infections in Spain: The impact of serotype and geographical, seasonal and clinical factors on its susceptibility to the most commonly prescribed antibioticsMarco, Francesc; Bouza, Emilio; García-De-Lomas, Juan; Aguilar, Lorenzo; Jiménez De Anta, M. T., et al200010.1093/jac/46.4.557Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy[ISSN 0305-7453],v. 46, p. 557-5642,964Q1Artículo
Activity of six quinolones against 226 recent clinical isolates of Streptococcus pyogenes with reduced susceptibility to ciprofloxacin [3]Latorre, Cristina; García-Rey, César; García-Perea, Adela; Perea, Evelio; Aguilar, Lorenzo, et al2002Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy[ISSN 0305-7453],v. 50, p. 301-3033,329Q1Comentario
Evolution of penicillin and erythromycin co-resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae in SpainGarcía-Rey, C.; Bouza, E.; Aguilar, L.; García-De-Lomas, J.; Baquero, F., et al200310.1016/S0924-8579(03)00239-5International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents[ISSN 0924-8579],v. 22, p. 541-5441,95Q2Artículo