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A Delphi study to detect deficiencies and propose actions in real life treatment of neovascular age-related macular degenerationGarcía-Layana, Alfredo; Arias, Luis; Figueroa, Marta S.; Araiz, Javier; Ruiz-Moreno, José María, et al201410.1155/2014/595132Journal of Ophthalmology [ISSN 2090-004X], v. 2014 (595132)1,425Q3ArtículoA Delphi Study to Detect Deficiencies and Propose.pdf.jpg
A review of current management of vitreomacular traction and macular holeGarcía-Layana, Alfredo; García-Arumí, José; Ruiz-Moreno, José M.; Arias-Barquet, Lluís; Cabrera López, Francisco Antonio , et al201510.1155/2015/809640Journal of Ophthalmology [ISSN 2090-004X], v. 2015 (809640)1,463Q3ArtículoA review of current management of vitreomacular traction and macular hole.pdf.jpg
Individualized Therapy with Ranibizumab in Wet Age-Related Macular DegenerationGarcía-Layana, Alfredo; Figueroa, Marta S.; Arias, Luis; Araiz, Javier; Ruiz-Moreno, José María, et al201510.1155/2015/412903Journal of Ophthalmology [ISSN 2090-004X], v. 2015 (412903)1,463Q3ArtículoIndividualized Therapy with Ranibizumab in Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration.pdf.jpg
Dietary marine ω-3 fatty acids and incident sight-threatening retinopathy in middle-aged and older individuals with type 2 diabetes: Prospective investigation from the PREDIMED trialSala-Vila, Aleix; Díaz-López, Andrés; Valls-Pedret, Cinta; Cofán, Montserrat; García-Layana, Alfredo, et al201610.1001/jamaophthalmol.2016.2906JAMA Ophthalmology [ISSN 2168-6165], v. 134 (10), p. 1142-11492,189Q15,625Q1Artículo
Association of dietary Vitamin K1 intake with the incidence of cataract surgery in an adult mediterranean population a secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trialCamacho-Barcia, María L.; Bulló, Mònica; Garcia-Gavilán, Jesús F.; Ruiz-Canela, Miguel; Corella, Dolores, et al201710.1001/jamaophthalmol.2017.1076JAMA Ophthalmology [ISSN 2168-6165], v. 135 (6), p. 657-6612,776Q16,669Q1Artículo
Cross-sectional association between non-soy legume consumption, serum uric acid and hyperuricemia: the PREDIMED-Plus studyBecerra-Tomás, Nerea; Mena-Sánchez, Guillermo; Díaz-López, Andrés; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel; Babio, Nancy, et al201910.1007/s00394-019-02070-wEuropean Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 1436-6207]1,244Q14,664Q1Artículo
Dairy products intake and the risk of incident cataracts surgery in an elderly Mediterranean population: results from the PREDIMED studyCamacho-Barcia, Lucía; Bulló, Mònica; García-Gavilán, Jesús F.; Martínez-González, Miguel A.; Corella, Dolores, et al201910.1007/s00394-018-1647-8European Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 1436-6207], v. 58 (2), p. 619-6271,244Q14,664Q1Artículo
Association between coffee consumption and total dietary caffeine intake with cognitive functioning: cross-sectional assessment in an elderly Mediterranean populationPaz-Graniel, I.; Babio, Nancy; Becerra-Tomás, N.; Toledo, Estefania; Camacho-Barcia, Lucia, et al202010.1007/s00394-020-02415-wEuropean Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 1436-6207], (Enero 2020)1,244Q14,664Q1Artículo