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Canary islands aborigin sex determination based on mandible parameters contrasted by amelogenin analysisArnay-de-la-Rosa, M.; González-Reimers, E.; Fregel, R.; Velasco Vázquez, Francisco Javier ; Delgado Darias, Teresa , et al200710.1016/j.jas.2006.11.008Journal of Archaeological Science[ISSN 0305-4403],v. 34, p. 1515-15221,439Q1Artículo
Reliable nuclear and mitochondrial DNA quantification for low copy number and degraded forensic samplesFregel, R.; Almeida, M.; Betancor, E. ; Suárez, N. M.; Pestano, J. 201110.1016/j.fsigss.2011.09.014Forensic Science International Genetics Supplement Series [ISSN 1875-1768], v. 3 (1), p. e303-e304, (Diciembre 2011)0,374Q3Artículo
DNA typing for the identification of eight victims of Spanish Civil War reprisals in the Canary Islands: The case of "the Fuencaliente thirteen" mass graves (Fuencaliente, La Palma)Betancor, E. ; Fregel, R.; Almeida, M.; Suárez, N. M.; Pestano, J. 201110.1016/j.fsigss.2011.09.013Forensic Science International Genetics Supplement Series [ISSN 1875-1768], v. 3 (1), p. e301-e302, (Diciembre 2011)0,374Q3Artículo
Efficient DNA extraction from hair shaftsAlmeida, M.; Betancor, E. ; Fregel, R.; Suárez, N. M.; Pestano, J. 201110.1016/j.fsigss.2011.09.022Forensic Science International Genetics Supplement Series [ISSN 1875-1768], v. 3 (1), p. E319-E320, (Diciembre 2011)0,374Q3Artículo
Genetic signature of a severe forest fire on the endangered Gran Canaria blue chaffinch (Fringilla teydea polatzeki)Suárez, N. M.; Betancor, E. ; Fregel, R.; Rodríguez, F. ; Pestano, J. 201210.1007/s10592-011-0302-1Conservation Genetics[ISSN 1566-0621],v. 13, p. 499-5070,875Q22,183Q2Artículo
Genetic sexing to determine the optimal discriminant functions for the analysis of archaeological remains from El Hierro (Canary Islands)Ordóñez, Alejandra C.; Arnay-de-la-Rosa, M.; Fregel, R.; Trujillo-Mederos, A.; Pestano, J. , et al201310.1016/j.jas.2013.06.025Journal Of Archaeological Science[ISSN 0305-4403],v. 40 (12), p. 4411-44191,345Q12,139Q1Artículo
Genetic characterization, at the mitochondrial and nuclear DNA levels, of five Canary Island dog breedsSuárez, N. M.; Betancor, E. ; Fregel, R.; Pestano, J. 201310.1111/age.12024Animal Genetics[ISSN 0268-9146],v. 44 (4), p. 432-4411,009Q12,21Q1Artículo