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Performance of spectral estimators in simulated synthetic aperture radar imagesBustos, Oscar H.; Flesia, Ana Georgina; Frery, Alejandro C. 2001Latin American Applied Research[ISSN 0327-0793],v. 31, p. 93-980,136Q4Artículo
Simulation of spatially correlated clutter fieldsBustos, Oscar H.; Flesia, Ana Georgina; Frery, Alejandro C. ; Lucini, M. Magdalena200910.1080/03610910903249536Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation[ISSN 0361-0918],v. 38, p. 2134-21510,383Q4Artículo
Inference strategies for the smoothness parameter in the Potts modelGimenez, Javier; Frery, Alejandro C. ; Flesia, Ana Georgina201310.1109/IGARSS.2013.6723339International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) (6723339), p. 2539-2542Actas de congresos
When data do not bring information: A case study in markov random fields estimationGimenez, Javier; Frery, Alejandro C. ; Flesia, Ana Georgina201510.1109/JSTARS.2014.2323713IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing[ISSN 1939-1404],v. 8, p. 195-2031,548Q12,145Q1Artículo