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1987The resolution of nonlinear fluid problems by Lagrangian algorithmsFerragut, L.; Elorza, J.; Winter, G. 
1991Accurate extraction of interconnect capacitances by adaptive mixed F.E.MFerragut, L.; Montenegro, R. ; Winter, G. ; Núñez, A. 
1993Solidification within a spherical enclosure including effects of natural convectionMacias-Machin, A.; Winter, G. ; Ferragut, L.; Wannenmacher, N.
1994Efficient refinement/derefinement algorithm of nested meshes to solve evolution problemsFerragut, L.; Montenegro, R. ; Plaza, A. 
1995Adaptive strategies using standard and mixed finite elements for wind field adjustmentWinter, G. ; Montero, G. ; Ferragut, L.; Montenegro, R. 
1996An improved derefinement algorithm of nested meshesPlaza, A. ; Montenegro, R ; Ferragut, L.
1997Application of a nonlinear evolution model to fire propagationMontenegro, R. ; Plaza, A. ; Ferragut, L.; Asensio, M. I.